Why did Trafalgar Law turn into a woman?

In One Piece episode 1093, the formidable Yonko Blackbeard confronts Trafalgar Law directly. Intriguingly, before the confrontation, Law and his crew are transformed into women.

Here’s a detailed explanation of the incident:

The Battle’s Prelude

Prior to deciding to confront Blackbeard, Law and his crew attempt an underwater escape. However, the Blackbeard pirates detonate explosives in the sea to thwart their escape.

The crew discovers that they, including Law, have been transformed into women. While the crew panicks, Law remains as calm as ever.

The Transformation’s Cause

The cause behind the transformation of Law and his crew into women is an encounter with Doc Q of the Blackbeard Pirates.

He wields the Sick-Sick Fruit (Shiku Shiku no Mi), which grants him the ability to spread diseases. In this case, he afflicts them with a disease that alters the gender of those infected.

Furthermore, the disease is highly contagious, leading to the entire submarine crew being affected.

Law’s Response

This event highlights the adaptability and limitations of Devil Fruit powers, emphasising on the importance of Haki in the One Piece universe.

Law’s superior Haki allows him to reverse the effects of the Sick-Sick Fruit, showcasing his formidable strength and resilience in the face of unforeseen and challenging obstacles.

Additionally, when Law cures himself, the rest of the crew is also reverted to men, indicating the contagious nature of the cure as well.

Law’s capability to counteract Devil Fruit powers and stand his ground against Blackbeard himself further cements his status as one of One Piece’s most powerful characters, justifying his 3 billion berry bounty.

Oda’s Artistic Callback

The depiction of Female Law in Chapter 1063 bears a striking resemblance to an original sketch from SBS Volume 72, illustrating Oda’s penchant for revisiting and integrating elements from the series into the main narrative.

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