Shadow Extraction and Shadow Storage in Solo Leveling explained

In Solo Leveling, as Jinwoo becomes a Shadow Monarch, he acquires new skills that enable him to maintain an army of shadow soldiers.

Once Jinwoo successfully completes the job-change quest, the System chooses necromancer as his new job class. 

Jinwoo wanted a strength-based class, but necromancers are a magic-based class, known for summoning undead monsters to serve them.

After careful consideration, Jinwoo accepts the new class, realizing that he can still grow stronger with it. Additionally, the monsters he will command will level up with him. 

The advancement points that Jinwoo earned in the job-change quest exceed the class threshold, so he immediately progresses to a higher class.

His job changes from necromancer to Shadow Monarch, which comes with its own unique class skills, including Shadow Extraction and Shadow Storage.

The skills and their limitations

Shadow Extraction and Shadow Storage are skills that enable Jinwoo to possess and command an army of shadow soldiers as the Shadow Monarch.

With Shadow Extraction, he can extract mana from a body that is no longer alive and turn it into a shadow soldier.

The System asks him to choose a word to extract shadows, and Jinwoo chooses the word “arise”. All he has to do is say the word to turn the dead into his shadow soldiers.

On the other hand, Shadow Storage allows him to retain these shadow soldiers and summon them at his will. 

With these two skills, Jinwoo gets an army of mages and knights. His soldiers have different ranks depending on how strong they were when they were alive.

Jinwoo can extract shadows of those subjects who were A-Rank or even S-Rank when they were alive. 

Solo Leveling Shadow Extraction and Shadow Storage
Jinwoo uses Shadow Extraction on Igris

However, these powerful skills have their own limitations. Shadow Extraction is not always successful; it can fail depending on the subject’s strength and the time since their death.

Jinwoo is granted a limited number of attempts to extract a shadow. If he fails within those attempts, the subject will not be included in his army.

Furthermore, there is a limit to the number of shadows he can extract and store. To extract Igris’ shadow, Jinwoo has to release eleven infantry shadow soldiers.

Jinwoo is given three attempts to extract the knight’s shadow. Although he fails in the first two attempts, he succeeds on the third after convincing Igris to serve him instead of waiting for his king.

With these skills, Jinwoo amasses a powerful shadow army that he can summon and command whenever he wishes. 

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