The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic summary and ending explained

In The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic, Usato is pulled from his mundane school life to a land where magic is real. The series is streaming on Crunchyroll.

Plot summary:

Usato lived a very simple life going to school every day and his existence was barely noticed by anyone else.

Suzune and Kazuki had quite the opposite experience as they were the most influential seniors in the school.

One evening, Usato finds himself without an umbrella while it’s raining, so Suzune and Kazuki offer him an extra and join him on their way home.

As they are walking, a magical symbol emerges below them and they are transported to the Kingdom of Llinger where they meet King Llyod.

He says that they used the hero summoning spell to bring Kazuki and Suzune, but Usato got caught up in the middle.

They summoned heroes to take on the threat of the demons living outside the city and planned to train Kazuki and Suzune in magic.

Kazuki is revealed to have dominion over light magic, while Suzune has control of lightning magic. When they check Usato’s ability, they discover that he has a rare affinity for healing magic.

This draws the attention of Captain Rose, a member of the Llinger army who also has the power of healing.

Rose begins training Usato personally in ways to use his healing magic on himself to improve his strength and conditioning.

She is head of a unit called the Rescue Team that carries their wounded on the battlefield back to camps where healers can heal them.

This reduces their losses significantly and gives them an edge in war. Meanwhile, Suzune and Kazuki are given the title of heroes and trained to fight in the palace.

Everything is in preparation for the attack of the demon army. Rose used to lead a regular battalion of knights but they died in an encounter with demons and she vowed not to let it happen again.

Usato meets two other healers, Orga and Ururu, who are also healers but they cannot keep up with Rose’s training.

The Demon Lord sends Amila and the third legion of the demon army to attack Llinger, so Amila brings the Black Knight along with her.

Amila was there when Rose lost her battalion and almost killed her master, so she is Rose’s sworn enemy and fears the rescue team.

A fox beastkin girl named Amako runs to Usato while he’s walking through the streets one day and she shows him a prophecy.

It is an image of Suzune and Kazuki lying dead on the battlefield in front of the Black Knight. She tells him that he’s the only hope of avoiding that fate.

The armies head out to the battlefield but Usato doesn’t tell anyone else about the vision that he was shown.

The humans are doing quite well but when the Black Knight enters the fray, the tide shifts. She has reflection magic on her armor, and any attack on it hurts the attacker instead.

Suzune and Kazuki take her on and fall just as was shown in the prophecy. Usato arrives in time to keep them alive and then fights the Black Knight.

He realizes that his strikes imbued by healing magic neutralize the reflection magic and he promptly defeats her.

With the Black Knight taken off the board, the morale of the demon army drops and they eventually retreat.

The humans capture the Black Knight and take her back to Llinger for questioning.

Ending explained:

An upright demon

The Black Knight readily coughs up information about the demon army after Usato heals her in the dungeon.

She is taken aback by the kindness she is shown. He visits her regularly to chat, even though she isn’t interested in listening.

Finally, Rose shows up to tell her that she has two options before her. Either she remains in prison for the rest of her life or trains under Rose and switches sides.

Rose says she would prefer to train her, and places a collar around the knight’s neck which seals her magic ability.

She begins training her with the rest of the rescue team, much to the knight’s dismay. Usato learns that her name is Felm, and becomes close friends with her.

Repaying the favor

Usato runs into Amako after the battle and asks her why she showed him the prophecy. She says that she had a feeling he would be of help.

She then explains that she has the power of foresight and left the Beastkin territory a long while ago because her mother is unwell.

She needed a healer to return with her to help her mother and figured that Usato would be the perfect person to do that.

She showed him the prophecy as a gift so that it would be easier for him to accept her request.

Usato shares this with Rose who tells the King about it.

An important journey

Usato, Suzune, and Kazuki were selected to deliver missives to other kingdoms asking them to join an alliance with Llinger against the demons.

After hearing Amako’s request, the King and his people plan the journey to include the beastkin territory as well.

Usato will travel with Amako through four different kingdoms before finally arriving at the beastkin territory and curing Amako’s mother.

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