Craig: The Witch and the Beast character explained

In The Witch and the Beast, Craig is a fellow resident of a remote, unmagical village on the Fifth Continent who is concealing his true identity.

Craig moved to the village half a year ago with his father. Unlike most villagers, Craig and his father don’t treat Falvell and her brother, Owent, differently, as they come from a family of witches and Falvell is a witch herself.

Hence, Craig becomes good friends with the two. He comes to their aid with an explanation when Falvell and her brother are confronted about the death of an animal from the village.

Craig explains that, although he didn’t witness it himself, he has heard that livestock fell from the sky in pieces.

Craig doubts that a human can do this, but he defends Falvell, claiming that she couldn’t do something like that in a million years.

Craig’s true identity

Ashaf handles this case of strange deaths. He deduces that there is a possibility that outsiders are framing Falvell for the death of the livestock after learning that Falvell can’t use magic.

Craig quickly confesses that he and his father can be counted as outsiders. They moved to the village half a year ago. He also shares that neither of the two can use magic.

Ashaf doesn’t see them as strong suspects. After all, these strange events began taking place just a month ago.

Owent and Falvell defend them too, knowing that they are good people. At the end of episode 11, the mayor of the village is killed by a monster that appeared earlier to protect Falvell.

Craig is present at the scene. He tells Ashaf about a masked expert witch hunter who is leading villagers to Falvell’s house.

Craig reveals his true self

Using his crows, Ashaf recognizes the witch hunter as an Executioner. Considering that the Executioners work in pairs, Ashaf figures out that Craig is the partner. He quickly attacks Craig.

Craig reveals himself, wears his mask, and fights back while his partner reaches Falvell and Owent’s house.

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