Falvell Farmington: The Witch and the Beast character explained

In The Witch and the Beast, Falvell Farmington is the descendant of the “Mystic Witch,” Luna Farmington.

Ashaf encounters Falvell while on a mission in a remote, unmagical village on the Fifth Continent. The village is home to Falvell Farmington, who has lived here for a very long time.

However, Falvell has never caused any fuss. It’s only when a brutal animal death surfaces that villagers turn their attention to Falvell.

In the series, Falvell is facing the threat of executioners who are framing her for the strange deaths taking place in the village and enraging the villagers against her.

Falvell’s life

Falvell lives with her younger brother Owent. She has not been able to draw attention to her because she can’t cast a single spell.

Falvell and Owent don’t have parents, and the villagers don’t treat them like normal people, but the mayor of the village has always been good to them.

Falvell is into dyeing and making tea. She makes use of the plants in their garden and the mountain in the back for that.

Ashaf shares his knowledge about Falvell’s bloodline over a cup of tea

The mayor sells everything she makes to acquaintances. It turns out that Falvell’s tea is really popular. Falvell can’t use magic, but this is part of the witch knowledge she has inherited.

A curse

The Origin Witch, Luna Farmington, is a practitioner of evocative magic who casts all her spells with speech.

Since Falvell can’t use her voice, she naturally can’t cast spells. When Guideau showed Falvell the mark on her body, Falvell gave an expression that suggests she recognizes it.

Ashaf suspects that Falvell is under a type of curse too. Vocative magic boasts unparalleled power. There is a chance that another witch got scared and sealed Falvell’s voice away with a curse.

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