Undoing a witch’s curse in The Witch and the Beast explained

In The Witch and the Beast, there are three distinct ways to undo a witch’s curse. All three of them sound easy to attain but are extremely difficult.

In the anime, since the days of yore, witches have stood at the pinnacle of sorcery.

These witches come from the mighty lineage of the original 17, known as Origin Witches, and inherit all of their magical power, craft, and knowledge.

Witches can either aid people or curse them. The anime’s protagonists, Guideau and Ashaf, are on a journey to undo a witch’s spell that has been cast on Guideau.

The three methods

There are three different ways to undo a witch’s curse. The first way is a loving kiss from Prince Charming.

It requires the cursed person to be kissed by their partner in pure, mutual love.

The second way hinges on whether the witch has a change of heart. If she does, the curse will be lifted, which means the cursed individual will have to convince the witch.

For the second way to work, Guideau and Ashaf are looking for the witch who cursed Guideau.

Guideau shows her curse mark

The third and final way to undo the spell is by kissing the witch. In this case, the cursed person can kiss any witch; they don’t need the witch who has cursed them.

However, there is a drawback to this method. The curse is undone temporarily for a limited period.

Hence, at the end of the day, if a person seeks to be completely free from the curse, they need the witch who has cursed them.

In Guideau’s case, Guideau is cursed to become a young girl. In reality, she is a big, strong creature. The likes of her are considered witches’ greatest and only natural enemies.

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