Hunters in Solo Leveling explained

In Solo Leveling, hunters are individuals who possess the magical powers necessary to protect the human world from magic beasts.

When a series of gates linking the human world to an alternate dimension appeared, creatures known as magic beasts started invading the human world from the other side.

Magic beasts are powerful and cannot be defeated using conventional weapons. However, humans also acquired powers to stop the invasions of magic beasts.

At the time the gates appeared, some humans awakened magical abilities. With these newfound abilities, humans could fight magic beasts. 

The humans who possess magical abilities and keep the human world safe are referred to as hunters.

How do hunters work?

When people awaken their special abilities, their powers are analyzed. Based on the magical powers that they possess, they are ranked as S, A, B, C, D, or E-Rank.

S-Rank hunters are the most powerful, such as Cha Hae-in, whereas E-Rank hunters, like the protagonist Sung Jinwoo at the beginning of the series, are the weakest.

Solo Leveling Hunters
Sung prepares to raid a low-rank dungeon with other hunters

Hunters’ ranks determine how dangerous of a dungeon they raid; dungeons are also ranked similarly.

It is believed that once their powers awaken, they remain unchanging. Hunters cannot become stronger, no matter how much they try.

Not all people who awaken magical abilities go on to become hunters. There are people who awaken magical abilities but opt for different career paths.

After a person chooses to become a hunter, they are hired by guilds. Hunters and guilds are regulated by the Hunter’s Association. 

Hunters make a living by raiding dungeons. They defeat magic beasts in dungeons and close the gates, after which they collect and sell the valuable resources found there.

As there is a lot that is still not known about the dungeons, hunters risk their lives to protect the human world every time they raid a dungeon.

Due to that, they are respected by society. Some S-Rank hunters are especially famous and even have fans.

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