Mashle: Magic and Muscles season 2 summary and ending explained

In season 2 of Mashle: Magic and Muscles, Mash Burnedead strives to demonstrate his worth as he works hard to genuinely achieve the status of a divine visionary.

Plot summary

The gossip about Mash being a Lackmagic spreads. On top of that, Abyss warns Mash that Innocent Zero is targeting him.

While Mash is celebrating with his new friends, Abyss and Lord Abel, he receives a letter from the Bureau of Magic.

An emergency inquiry concerning Mash Burnedead’s concealment of Lackmagic is held. Magic is a miracle God bestowed upon humans alone, and Mash’s existence threatens this beautiful, harmonious miracle.

All the Divine Visionaries gather to meet Mash. Among them, Orter Madl, in particular, is against Mash and believes Mash should atone for joining Easton Academy despite being a Lackmagic.

The Innocent Zero make their presence felt by possessing Mr. Bless, declaring war against the Bureau of Magic, and claiming that Mash belongs to them.

Wahlberg requests the Divine Visionaries defer Mash’s sentencing. Mash is important to Innocent Zero, and he might give them the lead that they need.

Furthermore, Wahlberg firmly believes that Mash can change the way people look at the world and Lackmagics. The Divine Visionaries agree to defer the sentencing under certain conditions.

Mash will only act under their supervision as a pawn against Innocent Zero, and he must prove he is strong enough to fight Innocent Zero, which he will do by becoming this year’s Divine Visionary candidate. If Mash fails, he will be purged immediately.

While Mash is out there having fun and preparing for the Divine Visionary exams, Divine Visionary Orter Madl tasks Margarette Macaron to ensure Mash doesn’t participate in the Divine Visionary Candidate Exam.

Unfortunately, Macaron doesn’t get to touch Mash, thanks to Rayne interfering. However, Mash will soon be meeting Macaron during the Divine Visionary Exams.

After collecting the coins required in the first stage, Mash, Dot, Finn, and Lance enter the second stage of the Divine Visionary Candidate Exam, where they will battle other contestants to survive.

Mash is heavily booed and Orter is determined to make sure that Mash’s existence is never acknowledged.

In the second stage, Mash and his friends indulge in different kinds of battles and face candidates such as Orca dorm’s Carpaccio Luo-yang, a ruthless magician who despises weaklings.

Eventually, the time comes when Mash faces none other than Macaron himself. Macaron’s talents are a rarity, and he is fit to become the next Divine Visionary. It’s hard to say that Mash will be able to defeat Macaron.

Despite getting tough competition from Macaron, Mash defeats Macaron. However, at a time like this, Innocent Zero arrives and takes Easton Academy hostage by freezing them in time with his magic.

Ending explained:

Innocent Zero’s true identity

When Innocent Zero meets Mash, he calls Mash his son and is here to take him away, but Wahlberg won’t let that happen.

Innocent Zero and Wahlberg were students of Adam Jobs, the most powerful dark mage ever known. Adam established both the Magic Academy and the Bureau of Magic.

In his later years, most of his effort went into assisting those who were unable to use magic. He believed it is the responsibility of the strong to protect the weak.

While Innocent Zero and Wahlberg fight at a safe distance, Wahlberg frees Mash, Dot, Lance, and Divine Visionaries Orter and Kaldo to fight the demons summoned by Innocent Zero.

Mash, on the other hand, faces Cell War, who reveals Innocent Zero’s ultimate plan during their battle.

Innocent Zero’s mission

Innocent Zero seeks to be the perfect human—undying, beautiful, and powerful. Innocent Zero intends to use the Forbidden Magic of Body Construction, a dark magic used to create an immortal heart from the hearts of six blood relatives.

Innocent Zero prepared six children as vessels to nurture their hearts, with one of them being Mash, who is a part built to create Innocent Zero’s perfect body.

Mash defeats Cell. In the meantime, Wahlberg and Innocent Zero indulge in a back-and-forth battle.

Unfortunately, by the end of their battle, despite unleashing the epitome of magic, Wahlberg is defeated.

Innocent Zero also steals Wahlberg’s spatial magic and amplifies its effectiveness with forbidden magic. With that, Innocent Zero becomes the greatest magic user in Magic Realm history.

However, his body is unable to handle the magical power he possesses, which explains why he is after Mash.

Innocent Zero needs Mash’s powerful body to control all the magic he possesses now. Since Innocent Zero needs time to acclimate to his body as well, he escapes for the time being.

A step closer to Divine Visionary Elect Final Exam

After escaping, the demons that Mash’s friends defeated come together and become one giant monster. Innocent Zero dares Mash to stop the monster.

Mash takes the challenge seriously. Watching Mash fight for the school and its people makes the other students, who are freed from Innocent Zero’s magic, wonder if it even matters if Mash can use magic or not.

People cheer for Mash, who defeats the monster. Dot, Kaldo, and Orter stop the final minion of Innocent Zero.

Orter still refrains from accepting Mash. The news about Innocent Zero’s attack on Easton Academy spreads. It is said that Divine Visionaries drove him away.

Mash’s friends help him study for end-of-semester exams before the Divine Visionary Elect Final Exam. Mash puts in effort and is able to pass the exams.

Unfortunately, the civilians don’t accept a Lackmagic at the Easton Academy. Mash’s friends stand up for him, and in return, he is there for them.

Wahlberg shows up and backs up Mash. He promises the civilians that Mash’s fate will be determined after the Divine Visionary Candidate Exam.

With everything this school has offered him, Mash resolves to become a Divine Visionary, no matter what.

If he fails, though, he, along with his friends, will be criminalized. Hence, passing the exam is the only path for Mash.

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