The Unwanted Undead Adventurer summary and ending explained

The Unwanted Undead Adventurer follows Rentt Faina, an experienced yet unremarkably talented adventurer, who becomes an undead monster capable of evolution after getting eaten by a dragon. The anime is currently streaming on Netflix. 

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Rentt Faina, a lower-bronze adventurer, stumbles upon a new hidden passage inside his go-to labyrinth and gets eaten by a dragon. 

He regains consciousness and finds himself turned into an undead skeleton. He fights and kills other low-tier monsters in the labyrinth and evolves into a Ghoul. 

He returns to society after a new adventurer, whom he helps against monsters, helps him get clothes and a magical mask to create a disguise. 

He goes back to his old-time friend Lorraine, a great scholar and magician, as well as a silver-rank adventurer. She shelters him and begins her experiments on him to better understand his predicament. 

He goes back to the guild and registers as a new adventurer by the name of Rentt Vivier. He begins taking on missions and helps out the needy while increasing his strength and experience. 

He goes through another evolution and becomes a Thrall. 

He later comes into possession of a vial of vampire blood which helps him gain another evolution and become a lower vampire, as The Unwanted Undead Adventurer season 1 ends. 

Ending explained:

Rentt’s Mithril dream

In his small, remote village of Hathara, Rentt lived with his parents and grandmother. His father was tasked with buying things and outside errands for the village. 

When he was five, they took him with them for the first time, with his friend Jinlin and her grandmother tagging along as well. It was Jinlin who always wanted to be an adventurer and also wished the same for Rentt. 

On their way, they were attacked by a wolf monster who killed his parents, Jinlin’s grandmother, and finally Jinlin, who died protecting Rentt, asking him to be strong as she breathed her last. 

Rentt was protected by a Mithril-rank adventurer named Wilfried Ryukker. He later mentors Rentt and sincerely guides him on how to be an adventurer. 

Rentt decided to work hard and become a Mithril-rank adventurer just like Wilfried, so he would, one day, show the adventurer that he has made it, after having killed the monster who killed his parents.

Rentt becomes a vampire

Rentt wins a vial of vampire blood from Laura, the head of the mysterious and powerhouse Latour family, as a reward for clearing the maze garden. 

Drinking this blood would get him one step closer to hopefully one day turning back into a human. However, the legitimacy and safety related to this vial is dubious at best. 

Plus, Lorraine wishes Rentt would remain in his current form forever, and she can continue to take care of him anyway, but she also knows about his dream and that he wouldn’t stop now. 

Rentt gets the final push from Lorraine and drinks the blood. With severe pangs of pain debilitating each and every inch of his body, he sees himself go through another Existential Evolution. 

When the dragon devoured him and spit him out, he turned into an Undead skeleton. By defeating other monsters, he evolved into a Ghoul. Eating human flesh and drinking blood earned him another Existential Evolution and he turned into a Thrall. 

Finally, the vial of vampire blood made him a lower-rank vampire, as The Unwanted Undead Adventurer season 1 concludes its runtime. 

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