Ishura season 1 summary and ending explained

Ishura follows a group of overpowered individuals called Shuras inheriting a world after the death of the true Demon King. How they must fight each other to determine who’s the next Hero. 

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Ishura season 1 begins in Nagan City, which is leveled by numerous golems that start appearing all of a sudden and go on a rampage before the city’s central labyrinth transforms into a giant golem and reduces it all to ashes. 

Yuno the Distant Talon is the only survivor who is saved by a mighty individual named Soujiro the Willow Sword, who takes down the giant golem with ease. 

However, his apathy to the suffering and loss of lives makes Yuno profoundly vengeful against powerful people. She tags along to guide him through this world and take him to where he can fight more powerful individuals. 

Then the story moves to Harghent, a military officer and one of the Twenty Nine Officials of the Aureatia kingdom, who goes to slay a dragon but fails to when his former friend Alus the Star Runner does the job with ease. 

Another higher-up in the kingdom, Hidow the Clamp, releases an extremely dangerous prisoner named Nihilo the Vortical Stampede, to attack Lithia, a new kingdom with whom a war is imminent. 

Meanwhile, another official called Elea the Red Tag finally leaves a remote village of elves with Kia the World Word, a young girl capable of influencing reality with her words alone.

Taren the Guarded, the self-proclaimed demon king and the ruler of the New Principality of Lithia, meets Higuare and Shalk, two new mercenaries who can lend their power to her kingdom in the war. 

Meanwhile, Soujiro and Yuno find their way to Hidow the Clamp, who tasks them with assassinating Taren. That gets delayed as other events come in the way. 

The war begins and Yuno finds Dakai, a bandit working for Taren who she learns is the reason the labyrinth in her city was triggered which eventually destroyed everything. She vows revenge on him. 

Soujiro looks around to fight mighty opponents but has little luck finding a good fight. Meanwhile, Alus the Star Runner is surrounded by a swarm of wyverns belonging to Lithia. 

Dakai faces off against Nihilo and defeats her. Elea and Kia search for Lana the Moon Tempest, a spy for Aureatia who eventually realizes who Kia is. Elea kills her because she doesn’t want anyone to find out about Kia.

Regnejee, the commander of the wyverns, meets his end, as does his beloved Curte, who is the adopted daughter of Taren the Guarded. 

The war ends, Yuno has her revenge, and the remaining Shuras all start heading toward Aureatia, as Ishura season 1 concludes. 

Ending explained:

Taren’s fate

Taren the Guarded is a self-proclaimed demon king and the ruler of the New Principality of Lithia. She wages war on Aureatia but the embers of the fire never end up reaching the kingdom.

All the war takes place in Lithia and the Mage City. The formidable mercenaries sent by Aureatian official Lord Hidow, end up playing their parts to significant success. 

Additionally, some wild cards and unrelated individuals chime in to decimate the Lithian effort and bring the so-called war to an end, with Lithia’s utter defeat. 

Taren the Guarded is confronted at last by Kuze the Passing Disaster, who talks to her about her last words. He also hints that this war wasn’t a legitimate one but something that Taren already had arranged with the officials of Aureatia. 

He implies that the purpose of this war was to gather up the strongest Shuras so they could be rallied up and ultimately disposed of. However, she doesn’t reveal that is indeed what happened. 

Her adopted daughter Curte’s last wish was to keep her mother safe, and she shared this wish with Kuze, who informs Taren about it before she lunges at him, and the show cuts to another scene. 

Taren’s death isn’t shown or confirmed, and with Kuze talking about fulfilling Curte’s last wish, her current whereabouts are ambiguous, as is her survival. 

Regnejee & Curte

Regnejee leads the charge with his swarm and inflicts great damage from the skies. He meets his former underling who eventually broke away from the Swarm and became the Shura known as Alus the Star Runner. 

Regnejee attacks Alus with all the might of his swarm and ensnares the elusive thief, but Alus emerges the victor in the end and destroys his swarm by outsmarting them.

Regnejee is fatally wounded and he flails through the sky to reach Curte. He asks her to flee but she stays and finally confirms, for the first time, that he’s a wyvern.

Harghent arrives and tries to stop Regnejee, who goes to attack him to save Curte but Alus the Star Runner shoots him from behind, also shooting Curte in the process. The two end up, bleeding to their deaths on the spot.

Soujiro & other Shuras

Soujiro keeps looking for fighters that can excite him. He finds Shalk the Sound Slicer who seems to give him a great battle with his speed and accuracy. 

He later gets fascinated by Nihilo and her mech called Helneten. However, he doesn’t get to fight her as she wisely skedaddles out of the fight. 

At last, he fights Dakai and finds the battle fun even though it lasts for only a few moments. Dakai is killed brutally and Yuno has her revenge on him for triggering the grand golem in her city which destroyed everything. 

Meanwhile, Kuze the Passing Disaster responds to Curte’s last wishes, with the help of Nastique the Quiet Singer, while Kia the World Word has grown closer to Elea. 

All of the surviving Shuras are heading towards Aureatia, where more like him are soon going to gather to take part in a competition to determine the new Hero. 

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