Dakai’s death in Ishura explained

Dakai the Magpie meets more than his match when he’s finally confronted by Soujiro the Willow Sword. As the two visitors trade tricky blows, the battle happens within moments and surprises aplenty.

Dakai the Magpie has been one of the more formidable characters in Ishura who has bested terrifying opponents and eluded death with ease. 

When Lithia’s defeat is all but announced, he bids his farewell to the kingdom to escape. He returns to Yuno the Distant Talon, to help her escape too, but she doesn’t want to leave.

The Distant Talon 

Dakai stole the Cold Star which triggered the Golem in the Nagan City’s Labyrinth, which ultimately leveled the whole city and robbed Yuno of everything. 

She wishes revenge on him and uses her cunning to achieve it, knowing full well she might and magic won’t be able to do much in that regard. 

She plants her arrows throughout the streets for Soujiro to hopefully spot them and follow them to where she is keeping Dakai occupied with her intentionally weak attacks meant to stall for time. 

Enter Soujiro

Soujiro finally arrives and Yuno announces this was her plan all along. She then asks Soujiro to kill Dakai and help her exact her revenge. 

Soujiro is already interested because in the bandit he sees an interesting fighter. He is also the first one to correctly recognize Dakai as not a swordsman. 

Dakai the Magpie Soujiro fight Ishura
Dakai the Magpie faces off against Soujiro

He recognizes Soujiro too, from the word that’s been around about him.

The bandit is disappointed because he didn’t get to escape right away but he’s confident that he’ll be able to in no time, after “playing” with his opponent momentarily.

The battle

They fight, and Dakai flicks Soujiro’s sword into the air with his reflexes but even faster than that, Soujiro immobilizes his opponent while getting his grasp on his sword. 

Dakai is not done yet and turns the tables with his keen observations. He catches Soujirou’s sword behind his back and goes to slice him with it. 

However, he can’t penetrate his skin because, as he realizes to his shock and dread, Soujiro’s sword is horribly chipped. 

Dakai dies

As he wonders just how Soujiro was able to slash Helneten with such a sword, Soujiro grabs his opponent’s sword and begins cutting him from above his right shoulder. 

Dakai continues to wonder what he could’ve done to prevent this as he slowly registers what’s happening to him, as one-half of his torso is almost taken off. 

He falls to his knees, looks to Yuno standing behind him, and falls to his death, as Soujiro is ultimately not that impressed, remarking how his opponent really wasn’t a swordsman.

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