Why did Blackbeard kidnap Pudding in One Piece?

One Piece Episode 1093 presented one of the series’ most eagerly awaited confrontations: Blackbeard versus Trafalgar Law.

Additionally, the episode unveiled a fascinating detail: the Blackbeard Pirates have kidnapped Pudding for a specific purpose. Let’s delve into the explanation.

The Captive

Throughout the episode, amidst the clash between Law and Blackbeard, Pudding is depicted as a captive aboard the Blackbeard Pirates’ ship.

She suggests that the pirates’ confidence stems from Big Mom’s demise, a claim they reject.

Confrontation on Cacao Island

A flashback reveals Blackbeard commanders Van Augur and Kuzan invading Cacao Island. Cracker confronts them to protect the island and his kin.

Yet, Van Augur’s bullets effortlessly defeat his biscuit soldiers, and Kuzan quickly subdues Cracker by freezing him.

Kuzan attack Cracker

It transpires that their mission was to kidnap Charlotte Pudding at their captain’s behest.

The Motive Behind Pudding’s Kidnapping

Pudding, celebrated for her heritage as Big Mom’s 35th daughter and her unique lineage from the Three-Eye Tribe, holds the capability to decipher the ancient Poneglyphs.

These Poneglyphs are essential for navigating to Raftel, the ultimate island in the Grand Line, reputedly where the legendary One Piece is concealed.

Luffy’s crew already includes Robin, who possesses the ability to decode the Poneglyphs, thanks to her background with Ohara.

Blackbeard’s pursuit of the Poneglyphs, compounded by his crew’s absence of a member skilled in their interpretation, leads him to abduct Pudding.

Blackbeard’s Objective

Following Blackbeard’s victory over Law, he likely secured the two Road Poneglyphs from Zou and Wano that Law had.

With Van Augur and Kuzan’s foray into Big Mom’s territory, Blackbeard may now possess three Road Poneglyphs, equalling Luffy’s tally.

As the narrative progresses into its concluding stages, the Poneglyphs will undoubtedly be pivotal in determining the next Pirate King. Blackbeard emerges as a formidable contender.

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