Serie: Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End character explained

Serie is an elf and the head of the Continental Mages Association. Serie is voiced by Mariya Ise.

Serie is an elf mage with immense magical ability comparable to the Almighty Goddess. Two decades before Himmel’s death, she set up the Continental Mages Association.

Serie sits in a chamber filled with grimoires and it is claimed that she knows every spell known to humankind.

When she set up the association, she promised all mages who got certified as first-class one privilege.

She would grant them the knowledge of any spell they wish and that drove thousands of mages to try and get certified.

Called to action

A thousand years ago, Frieren met Serie for the first time when her mentor Flamme took her to see the powerful elf.

Serie was the one who chose Flamme at random as her apprentice, and now she gets to meet Flamme’s apprentice.

He grants Frieren a single spell, but Frieren says that she enjoys the search for spells rather than the spells themselves.

Serie is unamused by Frieren’s lack of ambition, but Flamme insists that Frieren will one day defeat the demon king and begin a period of peace.

Flamme says that Serie and herself are always focused on conflict which makes them incapable of having the same perspective as Frieren.

The barrier around the testing area was created by Serie, and Frieren spent the initial days testing the nature of the barrier.

The proctor says that no one can break the barrier because it was created by Serie and is incredibly powerful, but Frieren cracks it open to help Kanne.

Serie is impressed by Frieren’s exhibition of power and states that her interest is certainly piqued.

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