Tokyo Revengers season 3 ending explained: Is Kisaki dead or alive?

The third season of Tokyo Revengers revolves around the Kanto Incident, which sees Toman going against Izana Kurokawa-led Tenjiku. 

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The second season of Tokyo Revengers ended with Kisaki joining Tenjiku, a gang led by Izana Kurokawa, and declaring the beginning of the Kanto Incident.

When Takemichi and his friends are cornered by Tenjiku, Toman’s fourth division captain and vice-captain, Smiley and Angry, who are twin brothers, come to their rescue.

Takemichi then finds out that his old friend, Kakucho, is a member of Tenjiku. Kakucho is loyal to Izana, but he warns Takemichi that there is a traitor in Toman.

Takemichi comes to believe that, like himself, Kisaki can also time travel, and that is why he has the upper hand every single time.

When Mikey declares war on Tenjiku, Takemichi goes to the future to gather information. In the future, he, along with Naoto, meets Taiju.

Taiju tells them that Mikey’s older brother, Shinichiro, founded the Black Dragon. Additionally, the Kanto Incident led to the merging of Toman and Tenjiku.

The new Toman, led by Mikey, Kisaki, and Izana, is the vilest and deadliest of all gangs. In this timeline, Mikey trusts Izana more than anyone.

As seen in the previous season, leading a gang like this one resulted in Mikey getting himself killed by Naoto. They also come to know that Kisaki is still alive.

Takemichi and Naoto are then attacked by Toman. They are shot and left to die. In his dying moments, Naoto, trusting Takemichi to make things right, sends him to the past.

As Naoto is dead in the future, Takemichi cannot time travel anymore. A distressed Takemichi accidentally tells Hinata about his time-traveling adventures.

Takemichi resolves to prevent a future where Toman and Tenjiku merge and Mikey gets corrupted by Kisaki and Izana, who turns out to be Mikey’s half-brother.

The traitor in Toman is revealed to be Mucho, the captain of the fifth division. He was part of the S-62 Generation or the Vicious Generation, a group of six boys who met at the reform school.

The S-62 Generation was infamous for its violent crimes. They were brilliant fighters, and Izana was their leader; under him, they later formed Tenjiku.

Mucho holds Takemichi, Inui, and Koko captive and forces Koko to join Tenjiku, as Tenjiku needs Koko to make money for the gang.

Inui then asks Takemichi to become the eleventh leader of the Black Dragon and save Koko. Takemichi agrees, and Inui pledges his loyalty to him.

Inui believes that Tenjiku will attack Toman on the eleventh anniversary of the Black Dragon, February 22. They have already started attacking Toman captains.

Toman prepares to fight Tenjiku under Mikey’s leadership, but on the day of the fight, Kisaki kills Emma to ensure that Mikey and Draken do not participate in the battle.

With Mikey and Draken grieving Emma’s death, Toman stands no chance of winning against Tenjiku. 

Despite that, the members of Toman join Takemichi to fight Tenjiku, as they are inspired by Takemichi’s unwavering determination.

Even with fighters like Angry and Peh-yan on their side, Toman struggles to defeat the top members of Tenjiku.

Inui finds out that Koko does not want to return to Toman because he believes that Tenjiku will win his fight and he will be able to make a lot of money with them.

Koko was in love with Inui’s older sister, Akane. After she was injured in a fire, Koko did everything in his power to save enough money for her treatment.

However, Koko failed, and Akane died. Koko is still struggling to accept the fact that Akane is dead, which is why he is obsessed with making money. 

Inui refuses to join Tenjiku with Koko, as he has sworn his loyalty to Takemichi. Eventually, Takemichi fights Kakucho, and despite Kakucho being much stronger, Takemichi does not give up.

Even when Kisaki points a gun at him, Takemichi does not back down. Kisaki shoots Takemichi’s foot, but Takemichi has Toman supporting him.

Finally, Izana fights Takemichi and beats him to a pulp, but he still refuses to give up. Meanwhile, Hinata tells Mikey and Draken about Takemichi traveling in time to save his friends and her.

To help Takemichi achieve his goals, Mikey and Draken come to fight Tenjiku. Mikey fights Izana and tries to make him see that he is not alone; he has his gang and a brother, Mikey.

Izana despises Mikey because he wanted Shinichiro all to himself, but Shinichiro was also Mikey’s brother. Izana was further disappointed when he found out that he is not actually Shinichiro’s half-brother.

After Shinichiro’s death, Izana allowed Kisaki to use him. Izana wants to break Mikey and turn him into an empty shell like himself.

Izana fails to do that, as Mikey wins against him, resulting in Toman’s victory. When an angry Izana tries to kill Mikey and Kakucho stops him, Kisaki shoots Kakucho.

Izana dies protecting Kakucho from Kisaki. Before Mikey can punish Kisaki for everything that he has done, Hanma takes Kisaki away from there.

While Draken and Takemichi pursue Hanma and Kisaki, the members of the S-62 Generation stay behind with Izana’s body, waiting for the police.

Ending explained:

Three perfect plans

Draken fights Hanma, leaving Takemichi to fight Kisaki and stop him before he travels to the future and creates another mess.

Kisaki reveals that he wishes to manipulate Mikey and gain control of the underworld through Mikey. 

He believes that one does not need power to achieve what one wants. All they need is a perfect plan, and Kisaki had three of them.

His first plan was to kill Draken and take his place. His second plan was to create Valhalla, destroy Toman, and make Mikey the leader of Valhalla. The third plan was to use Tenjiku to do the same. 

All three plans would have made Kisaki Mikey’s second-in-command, allowing him to manipulate Mikey. However, Takemichi ruined all three of his plans.

Following in his hero’s footsteps

The place where Takemichi is fighting Kisaki is the same place where Hinata gets killed in the future. Takemichi must kill Kisaki and become Toman’s leader to prevent Hinata’s death.

When Takemichi touches Kisaki, he sees a vision of the future. He sees Kisaki proposing to Hinata on the same spot where they are currently standing.

Upon questioning Kisaki, Takemichi comes to know that Kisaki has been in love with Hinata since elementary school, but Hinata fell in love with Takemichi.

Kisaki followed Takemichi to be more like him in the hope of winning Hinata’s love. He found out that Takemichi wanted to be Japan’s number one hoodlum, so he approached Mikey.

He decided to use Mikey to surpass Takemichi. However, even when he becomes the number one hoodlum in the future, Hinata rejects him, so he kills her.

Kisaki’s death

After hearing Kisaki’s story, Takemichi manages to take the gun that Kisaki had been pointing at him all this while.

He knows that killing Kisaki is important to save Hinata, but when Hinata and Mikey arrive there, it stops him from pulling the trigger on Kisaki. 

Kisaki gets away once again, and Takemichi chases him. While talking to Takemichi, Kisaki had learned that Takemichi is a time leaper. 

When Takemichi claims that he will stop Kisaki from going to the future, Kisaki stops running. He surprises Takemichi by telling him that he has not been time-traveling.

Just when Kisaki is about to reveal his secret, he is hit by a truck, as he has been standing in the middle of the road. Kisaki then breathes his last in Takemichi’s presence.

The aftermath of the Kanto Incident

Hanma loses to Draken. He only fought Draken to allow Kisaki to get away. He did not expect Kisaki to die the way he did.

The Kanto Incident ends with the remaining five members of the S-62 Generation getting arrested. 

While Emma, Izana, and Kisaki are dead, Kakucho survives. In the hospital, he is visited by Takemichi and told that the dreams of Tenjiku now depend on him.

Now that Kisaki is dead, Takemichi’s fight has finally come to an end. However, Takemichi tells Kakucho that he has not been able to stop trembling since Kisaki’s death.

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