How are Mikey and Izana related in Tokyo Revengers?

In the third season of Tokyo Revengers, right before his death, Izana Kurokawa surprises Mikey when he tells him about his parents. 

The show’s third season sees Takemichi trying to prevent a future where Toman and Tenjiku have united to become a dangerous criminal organization.

When he travels back in time, Emma reveals that Izana, the person Mikey will end up trusting more than anyone in the future, is her brother.

As Emma and Mikey have the same father, they are half-siblings. Due to that, Mikey comes to believe that the former leader of Black Dragon and the current leader of Tenjiku is also his half-sibling.

However, Izana does not consider Emma his sister; he even allows Kisaki to kill her before Tenjiku and Toman’s showdown.

Despite everything, Mikey fights Izana, believing that Izana is his older brother who needs to be saved. 

Mikey keeps trying to get Izana to see that he still has a younger brother, but he himself does not know the whole truth.

After losing to Mikey and getting shot by Kisaki, Izana admits that he was beyond saving and that Mikey could not have done anything to change him.

In his final moments, he tells Mikey that he is not related to him by blood, a revelation that leaves everyone speechless.

Having no blood relations 

Emma remembers growing up with her older brother, Izana, before both the children were abandoned by Emma’s mother. 

While Emma was sent to live with Shinichiro and Mikey, Izana was sent to a foster home, where Shinichiro visited him and made his acquaintance.

Years later, when Izana ran into Emma’s mother and questioned her about not visiting him even once, she told him that she is his stepmother, not his biological mother.

Izana is the son of Emma’s mother’s ex-husband. The man had Izana with a Filipino woman before he married Emma’s mother. He was later stabbed and killed.

Tokyo Revengers Mikey and Izana
Izana finds out about his parentage

This information turned Izana’s world upside down. He realized that he has no family and that Shinichiro, the brother he adores more than anyone, is not his brother.

Shinichiro knew that Izana is not related to him by blood, but he never told him anything, as he did not think that it mattered when he considered him his brother.

Izana, on the other hand, was left heartbroken. He was made to believe that he had a family he could be happy with when he never did.

Even after discovering the truth, Izana grieved Shinichiro’s death. Izana and Mikey are not related by blood, but they are connected through Shinichiro, the brother who loved them both.

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