The Armored Titan in Attack on Titan explained

The Armored Titan is formidable among the Nine Titans in Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin). Recognized instantly by its plated armor, it stands as both a symbol of Marleyan power and a key figure in the series’ unfolding narrative. 

Appearance and Combat

The Armored Titan stands tall at approximately 15 meters, similar to other standard Titans. Its most distinctive feature is its armor: hard, bony plates cover almost its entire body, giving it a formidable and intimidating appearance. 

This armor not only provides protection but also makes the Titan an effective battering ram in battle. This protective layer shields it from most forms of attack, including the blades used by the Survey Corps. 

However, it comes with the trade-off of slightly reduced speed due to weight.


Underneath its armor, the Armored Titan possesses immense physical strength. 

While not on par with the sheer force of the Colossal Titan or the agility of the Attack Titan, the Armored Titan’s strength allows it to overpower foes, smash through barriers, and engage in intense hand-to-hand combat with other Titans.

Armor Shedding

In situations where speed becomes crucial, the Armored Titan can shed portions of its armor. By doing so, it sacrifices defense for increased agility and speed. This tactic can surprise enemies expecting the Titan to remain a lumbering target.


Like all Titan shifters, the Armored Titan possesses the power to regenerate. However, its armor can slow down this process slightly, wounds and lost limbs will eventually heal, given enough time.

Armored Titan
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Memories and Inheritance

Inheriting the Armored Titan, like with other shifters, potentially allows the user to access memories of the Titan’s previous holders. This shared memory pool provides continuity of experience and knowledge over generations.

Limitations and Weaknesses

The Armored Titan’s main strength, armor, is its primary weakness. The armor, while robust, isn’t invulnerable. Prolonged battles can lead to it getting chipped or broken, exposing the Titan underneath. 

Additionally, as mentioned, the armor’s weight reduces the Titan’s overall speed. Strategic opponents can exploit these vulnerabilities, targeting the gaps in the armor or leveraging its reduced agility.

Furthermore, its nape, like all other Titans, remains a critical weakness. 

Narrative Importance

The Armored Titan, wielded by Reiner Braun, serves as a major antagonist and plot catalyst in Attack on Titan.Its initial breach of Wall Maria alongside the Colossal Titan escalates the series’ conflict and establishes the urgency of humanity’s plight.

Reiner’s dual identity as both a trusted soldier and enemy operative deepens the narrative’s exploration of betrayal and loyalty. 

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