The Female Titan in Attack on Titan explained

The Female Titan, from the series Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) by Hajime Isayama, is one of the Nine Titans — a group of unique Titans with distinct abilities. 

This Titan is exceptionally agile and swift and excels in hand-to-hand combat. Here’s a closer look at its powers.

Appearance and Combat

The Titan standing at 14 meters tall, is characterized by its feminine physique. 

With a well-toned body, it exhibits both agility and strength. Its design showcases a balance between speed and power, enabling it to engage in hand-to-hand combat effectively while also being capable of high-speed pursuits.


It can harden parts of its body to create crystalline structures efficiently. This ability is versatile, used both offensively and defensively. 

For instance, during combat, the Female Titan can harden its fists to increase the impact of its punches or protect its face and nape from attacks. 

This hardening ability also plays a crucial role in the broader narrative, especially when the knowledge of this power becomes sought after by multiple factions.

The user of the Female Titan is also shown to create a cocoon of hardened Titan skin around it. 

Scream and Smell

One of the Female Titan’s unique abilities is its scream. While many Titans have exhibited a form of screaming, the Female Titan’s scream can attract nearby mindless Titans. 

This ability acts as a double-edged sword as it can be used strategically to direct the attention of mindless Titans towards enemies or create diversions.

However, it also makes the Female Titan a target as the attracted Titans will try to consume it, seeking the human inside. Furthermore, it has an exceptionally keen sense of smell, which it can use to track and locate specific individuals even over long distances. 

Endurance and Regeneration

Like all Titan shifters, the Female Titan has the power of regeneration, allowing it to heal from injuries rapidly. This regeneration isn’t infinite, and its rate can vary depending on the severity of the injuries or the willpower of the shifter. 

The Female Titan, in particular, showcases high endurance in battle, withstanding significant damage and continuing to fight.

Combat Prowess

Throughout the series, the Female Titan is shown to have impressive martial capabilities. 

Whether it’s due to the inherent design of the Titan or the skills of its primary user, Annie Leonhart, the Female Titan is adept at hand-to-hand combat, using refined techniques to tackle both human opponents and other Titans.

The Female Titan
Image Source: Wit Studio

Inheritance and Memories

As with all Nine Titans, the Female Titan’s powers and memories are passed down from one inheritor to the next. This transfer of abilities and memories allows for the continuity of knowledge and strategies across generations.

Limitations and Weaknesses

While the Female Titan is a formidable force, it has its limitations. Its hardening ability, while protective, consumes a considerable amount of energy. 

Overusing this ability can lead to exhaustion, leaving the Titan vulnerable. Additionally, it shares the standard Titan weakness of having its nape as its weak point, where the human operator resides.

Narrative Importance

The Female Titan is introduced in the series as an antagonist, adding a layer of mystery and intrigue to the narrative. 

The pursuit and combat involving the Female Titan are central to the early plot of Attack on Titan, creating some of the series’ most intense and suspenseful moments. 

As the story progresses, the identity of the Female Titan’s operator becomes a critical plot point, leading to significant revelations.

It is a multifaceted Titan with a unique blend of abilities, combining strength, agility, hardening, and a keen sense of smell. Its role in the story serves as a catalyst for major plot developments.

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