Matakara Asamine: Bucchigiri character explained

Matakara Asamine is one of the main characters in the action fantasy animated series, Bucchigiri?! Yusuke Hoshino voices the character in the anime.

A gentle giant and a romantic of the past, Matakara is one of Arajin’s strongest supporters who has been rooting for his childhood friend he has spent all these years idealizing.

Strengths & character

Matakara is a formidable gang member of Minato Kai. Though a delinquent, he is soft and kind at heart and upholds certain values as an individual. 

He also seems to be, in contrast with his delinquency, a gentleman. He doesn’t senselessly resort to violence or seek trouble, fight, or confrontation for the thrill of it. 

But when it comes to fighting, which is mostly for noble cause when it comes to him, Matakara doesn’t hold back and is swift with the way he throws his punches and kicks. 

He is agile and very strong, with a forehead as rigid as a rock. Besides dishing out heavy attacks, he can eat a lot of punches and kicks thrown his way too. 

Friendship with Arajin

When he and Arajin used to live together in childhood, they would spend a lot of time together. They would also train together to become Honki people. 

He used to be a shorter, weaker one at that time, while Arajin was the taller, stronger one, whom the former really idealized and looked up to. 

One day, Matakara was beaten up badly by his bullies, and Arajin couldn’t come to his rescue. He instead ran away out of cowardice, but Matakara always thought it wasn’t that but because he was so weak at that time. 

When Arajin returns to his hometown and enrolls in the same school as him, his childhood buddy is delighted beyond words to reunite with him.

Matakara Asamine Arajin Bucchigiri
A delighted Matakara greets an annoyed Arajin

He keeps trying to reignite the fire of friendship and the Honki spirit they used to share in their childhood, but Arajin spends most of the time as a self-serving jerk to him.

Despite that, he is kind and starry-eyed whenever Arajin is near. He continues to believe in his childhood best friend’s spirit and courage, which continues to inspire him to this day. 

The light dims

However, the sunshine that Matakara seems to be a manifestation of quickly turns to dusk when his beloved elder brother is harmed. 

Matakara has grown up looking up to and idealizing his elder brother even more than Arajin. His elder brother, a gentle, warm soul like him, has practically raised Matakara. 

A scuffle that he had to get involved in to save others landed him in juvie. A lot of time has passed since and now Mitsukimi is supposed to be finally released. 

However, on his last day there, he ends up getting stabbed and hospitalized in a critical condition. Matakara’s heart sinks into the abyss of despair and rejection of reality. 

When Arajin goes to see how he’s doing, he ends up revealing to him that he left him that day in their childhood because of cowardice. 

Matakara’s perception of Arajin is shattered by Arajin himself, who also reveals the existence of Senya, the genie who is the reason for his newfound powers. 

All of this only makes Matakara fall deeper into the dreadful abyss of hopelessness and negativity, and Akutaro manipulates him further into using the gun at the temple. 

He ends up shooting himself with the revolver as the nefarious blue genie called Ichiya creeps up inside him, ready to use an influenced Matakara for his own ends.

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