Mahoro Jin: Bucchigiri?! character explainer

Mahoro Jin is one of the main characters in the action fantasy animated series, Bucchigiri?! Anna Nagase voices the character in the anime.

Arajin Tomoshibi is driven by his goal of losing his virginity and at his new school he’s surrounded by mostly guys, so the scope is extremely limited, to say the least. 

However, there is one girl, seemingly the only one in the school by the looks of it most of the time, who Arajin gets completely bedazzled by at the very first glance. 

Intentionally reserved

She is Mahoro Jin, a pretty girl who comes with a host of issues that make her the most impossible choice when it comes to Arajin’s adolescent, romantic goals. 

Mahoro is the younger sister of Marito Jin, the feared and eccentrically dangerous leader of the Siguma Squad. 

She spends most of her time by herself, alone, huddled in a corner keeping to her business and only that. She doesn’t show interest in any other thing or person, except for one. 

A brothercon

She has a rather absurd complex for her brother, whom she’s infatuated with to an unhinged degree. 

Mahoro Jin brother Marito Jin Bucchigiri
Mahoro Jin worrying for her brother Marito’s safety

Her on-screen presence is marked by the contrast between her behavior towards her brother and everyone else. 

On one hand, she takes shirtless pictures of her brother and can’t stop herself from swooning and fawning over him.

Relationship with others & Arajin

On the other hand, she has a deep-seated contempt for others, to the extent that she sports an expression of utmost loathing if someone tries talking to her.

She only entertains Arajin’s advances and lures him so that her brother roughs him up and comes to her rescue like a knight in shining armor. 

Mahoro keeps baiting and using the one-note Arahin to her advantage and to get more time with her brother. Meanwhile, her brother remains mostly inert when it comes to caring for her. 

She keeps stonewalling Arajin, who’s obsessed with her and can’t seem to get a hint that it’s not mutual at all. This makes things very ironic as she’s the same way with her brother.

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