How strong is Stark in Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End?

In Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End, Stark is one of the main characters. He is the front-liner in Frieren’s current party.

But how strong is he exactly? Let’s delve into the feats he has achieved and where that might place him in the world of Frieren.

Stark’s History

Stark hailed from a Warrior Village in the Klee region, where he faced ridicule from his father and fellow villagers for his perceived weakness.

However, his older brother Stoltz, revered as the village’s hero, extended kindness and support to him, urging Stark to dedicate himself to rigorous training.

Stark displayed remarkable diligence, training tirelessly, even under harsh weather conditions, earning praise from Stoltz for his exceptional concentration.

Stoltz would assist Stark in his training sessions, offering guidance on his technique and showing no concern for his own white cape becoming tarnished by Stark’s efforts.

When demons invaded their village, Stark bravely confronted them with his wooden training sword.

However, Stoltz advised Stark to escape, leading Stark to retreat into the forest. He later met Frieren’s former party member Eisen and trained under him.

The Warrior

During the initial stages of their journey, Frieren and Fern run into a Solar Dragon unaffected by magic.

To defeat it, they need a front-liner. Eisen recommends his former student, Stark.

In their initial interaction, Stark comes off as a cowardly warrior who has never defeated a creature in battle.

The dragon somehow fled on his sight and the town considered him a hero, but he believes himself to be a fraud.

The confrontation

Frieren manages to convince Stark that if he can get its attention for 30 seconds she will take it out.

Stark battles the dragon and asks Frieren to kill it, but she does not. Instead, she points out to Stark that he has already managed to kill the dragon.

The warrior had been underestimating himself all this time. The dragon had fled on his sight as it was a smart creature and could gauge his true strength.

Eisen had hit Stark in when they last met. While he thought that it was because he was a disappointment, Eisen told Frieren the truth.

He hit Stark because his instincts told him to be afraid of him. Eisen, himself, had been scared during battles but took that as his strength and Stark’s fear isn’t any different.

Other feats

Later in the story, he dispatches a demon that is mimicking Eisen’s fighting style. 

During the First-Class Mage examination, Wirbel is looking for a strong warrior to take out a Fresser that has been ravaging the crops. 

While he dismisses those he comes across, he quickly realises Stark’s strengths and even praises him after killing the Fresser.

Stark’s Strength

It can be established that Stark is already one of the strongest warriors in the world of Frieren right now.

The fact that Eisen, a member of the party of heroes that finally defeated the demon king, is afraid of him is enough to prove his threat.

However, it is still unclear how he stacks up against the likes of Himmel and Kraft. The latter was a powerful warrior millenniums before the current storyline and even has statues built of him, but few are still alive that can remember his achievements.

More details in the story will show where Stark stands, but he certainly has immense potential and is a huge asset to Frieren’s party in their journey to Aureole.

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