Lecker the Chef: Frieren character explained

In Frieren: Beyond Journey’s end season 1 episode 22, Freiren reminisces her encounter with Lecker, a chef who claims to be the greatest.

Let’s dissect the minor character and his significance:

The Greatest Chef of the Century

After the first round of the First-Class Mage examination, Denken and his party visit the Bell restaurant.

Denken remembers how he came to the restaurant with his five fifty years ago, but it remains curiously unchanged. They spot Frieren, along with Stark and Fern.

Frieren orders more than usual, and Stark points this out. She has a flashback of the days when she travelled with Himmel’s party of heroes.

Lecker thanks the party for returning his family heirloom knife that demons had stolen from him.

Claiming to be the ‘greatest chef of the century’, Lecker offers them food. Frieren orders more than usual, saying that she wants to savour the taste as, in her experience, it changes with time no matter what the chefs claim.

A Promise

Hearing this, Lecker asks Frieren not to worry, as his restaurant’s flavours will be passed down to future generations.

Frieren is sceptical as she thinks all chefs say that, but the next one tinkers with the recipe to leave their mark.

Himmel believes this will allow them to taste even better flavours. But Lecker feels his flavours cannot be surpassed.

In that case, Himmel asks for the reward for returning the knife: preserving the food’s flavour for the future for Frieren.

The Flavour

With excitement, Frieren tries the food decades later. However, the flavour has changed despite Lacker’s promises.

Nonetheless, she likes the taste even better and is glad she does not have to look for tastier flavours now.

With Lecker and Bell restaurant, the anime delivers another heartwarming slice-of-life moment, for which it has gained popularity.

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