How does Rentt become the Unwanted Undead Adventurer?

Rentt Faina is a lower bronze adventurer, who’s been at the game for over 10 years. Despite this long period and consistently sincere hard work, he hasn’t had great luck with increasing his rank.

Rentt has been a patient, diligent, and conscientious adventurer who, due to one short period when the caution an adventurer must always exercise eludes him, has to suffer through an event that changes his life after seemingly ending it. 

Labyrinth of Moon’s Reflection

It all starts when one day Rentt goes to explore the Labyrinth of Moon’s Reflection as usual. In a labyrinth that has been explored down to each nook and cranny, he finds a hidden passage. 

It leads to an undiscovered tunnel and as he enters it with great excitement and thrill for the major discovery that it is, he has no idea of the peril that awaits him inside. 

It’s a groundbreaking discovery and more than a big deal to find an explored, uncharted, and unseen part of a labyrinth that has been exhaustively explored and emptied.

He revels in the anticipation of the huge reward a discovery like this alone can fetch him. Only informing the guild about it can offer him a fortune, not to mention the weapons and monsters he can find there.

Curiosity renders the cat undead

However, not too long after he enters the runnel, he finds himself entering a lair and stumbles upon a dragon. It’s a true dragon that sits at the apex when it comes to the hierarchy of monsters. 

Facing a debilitating crisis that is just as magnificent as it is final, Rentt Faina can’t do much but look on in horror, as he stands frozen in the same spot. 

Rentt Faina Dragon The Unwanted Undead Adventurer
Rentt Faina facing the Dragon

The divine behemoth moves towards Rentt and the screen cuts to black, as the forever bronze adventurer’s fate is sealed within mere moments and he’s eaten.

When he regains consciousness, Rentt finds himself looking at his reflection in the water. He’s so shocked at being alive even after getting eaten by a dragon that he registers it a moment later, that he’s nothing but bones now.

Rentt becomes the titular protagonist

He’s turned into a sentient skeleton who can walk think, and behave (to a severely limited degree), like himself. He realizes that he’s become an Undead, a type of monster. 

In his current state, he is not only Undead but Unwanted too, as nobody he knew before would be accepting of him. He can’t speak to tell them of his problem. 

He can’t go out like he is now — as a monster — in the open. 

Even after realizing he can level up as a monster, and doing so to become a Ghoul, Rentt relies on clothes that cover him up, as well as a magical mask he receives from a new friend. 

He manages to obscure his face and body and heads off back to his town, where he has no other choice but to continue on his dream to become a Mithril adventurer.

He assumes a new identity as an adventurer who comes from a faraway land and finally becomes the Unwanted Undead Adventurer. 

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