Helga Velvette: The Witch and the Beast character explained

In The Witch and the Beast, Helga Velvette is a descendant of an Origin Witch, the Dauntless Witch, Quena Velvette. Miyu Tomita voices Helga.

Despite being a descendant of an Origin Witch, Helga is weak and easily defeated by Guideau. However, she possesses the Demon Sword, Ashgan, which automatically makes her a threat not to be taken lightly.

Helga never draws the Demon Sword, knowing the wrath it will bring upon the world. Rather, she depends on her Sword Magic, which enables her to create swords and manipulate them the way she wants.

Meeting Ashaf and Guideau

Helga dreams of nothing but having a boyfriend. All of her dreams are shattered when she finds herself on the run from the Paladin Corps, as she is a suspect in the string of murders that have taken place under their jurisdiction.

Guideau and Ashaf track Helga down to bring her in. Ashaf figures out that Helga is likely being framed for the murders.

Helga faces Guideau

Every person that Helga met the other day had been murdered. Ashaf recognizes the tactic used to frame Helga as one of the Executioners, the dark side of the Paladin Corps.

Ashaf’s predictions eventually turn out to be true when the Executioners reveal themselves as the true perpetrators.

Helga’s past

Helga lived with her family, the other members of the family of the Dauntless Witch, at a hidden refuge.

Helga had grown attached to the Demon Sword, which is usually kept locked and keyed. Honoring her family’s wishes, Helga agreed to act responsibly and returned the sword to its place, inside an underground basement.

While Helga was away, the Executioners raided the Velvette family’s hidden refuge. With the help of his forbidden instrument, the leader of the Executioners controlled the minds of the witches and made them kill each other.

Helga’s sister found her and instructed her to run away with the sword. Since then, Helga has been on the run, protecting the Demon Sword.

Helga craves vengeance, but she has vowed to never draw the Demon Sword for that because her family won’t want her to do that.

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