The Demon Sword in The Witch and the Beast explained

In the sixth episode of The Witch and the Beast, Guideau and Ashaf encounter a witch possessing the Demon Sword.

A Demon Sword grants the wielder the power to rule the world and brings ruin to everything else.

The Demon Sword Helga Velvette, the witch that Guideau and Ashaf meet in the sixth episode, possesses is Ashgan.

Even though Helga is a weak witch, the Demon Sword alone gives her the ability to conquer and destroy the world at her will.

The descendants of the Dauntless Witch usually keep the Demon Sword under lock and key, but Helga over here is carrying it along with her.

Anyhow, the Demon Sword can’t do much as long as Helga doesn’t draw it. Hence, it is essential to defeat her before she can rely on the sword.

Ashgan’s abilities

In the world of The Witch and the Beast, swords talk, and so does Helga’s Demon Sword, Ashgan.

Ashgan hears the proposal Ashaf has for them and instructs Helga. Ashgan seems to be well aware and knows what they are supposed to do.

Ashgan guides Helga

In the seventh episode, Matt Cugat of the Paladin Corps freezes and traps Ashgan in ice. However, the ice is not able to hold Ashgan for long.

Apparently, no one or nothing, except for a witch, can hold a Demon Sword captive. Apart from that, humans are not supposed to touch the Demon Sword or even look at it for long.

Even when sealed, the Demon Sword’s immense powers tempt and captivate people around it. The Palladin Corps around the sword start fighting among themselves to possess Ashgan.

Once the Demon Sword takes hold, the temptation spreads like ripples. Ashgan states that everyone loses themselves in pursuit of the Demon Sword’s power.

However, a member of the Executioners, the dark side of the Paladin Corps, who has come for the Demon Sword, is able to protect his soldiers from the sword’s influence using a forbidden instrument.

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