Attack on Titan: Why is the Ackerman clan so special?

Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin), the critically acclaimed manga and anime series by Hajime Isayama, delves deep into the complexities of human nature, survival, and freedom. 

Throughout the series, various clans and families play pivotal roles, but few are as distinctive as the Ackerman clan. What makes them special, and how do they fit into the larger narrative? 

Historical Legacy

The Ackermans were historically known to be the protectors of the Eldian royal family. While the exact origins of their skills are not clear, their legacy as warriors is unparalleled in the Attack on Titan lore. 

These skilled combatants have been at the forefront of many key battles, and their prowess is passed down through generations.

Resistance to the Founding Titan’s Powers

One of the most defining attributes of the clan is their resistance to the Founding Titan’s memory manipulation abilities. 

Where most Eldians could have their memories altered or controlled by the possessor of the Founding Titan, the Ackermans remained unaffected. This unique ability made them both invaluable allies and potential threats, depending on the perspective of the ruling power.

Tapping into Powers

Members of this clan possess a power that can be awakened in times of dire need. Once activated, they can access the combat experience of their ancestors, making them formidable opponents even against the Titans. 

This awakening often comes across as a sudden surge in combat abilities and heightened instincts. 

The Ackerman Clan
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Isolation and Persecution

Despite their capabilities, the Ackermans haven’t always been revered. Their immunity to the Founding Titan’s power and their formidable skills made them targets of suspicion and fear. 

Under certain regimes within the Walls, they faced persecution, leading many to go into hiding or live in isolation. This history of oppression further solidified their resolve and tenacity.

Key Characters

Within the Attack on Titan narrative, several clan members play vital roles:

Levi Ackerman: Recognized as humanity’s strongest soldier, his combat skills, strategic mind, and dedication to eradicating the Titans make him an iconic figure in the series. 

His journey reveals more about the hardships faced by the Ackermans and their unwavering sense of duty.

Mikasa Ackerman: One of the series’ main protagonists, Mikasa’s loyalty to Eren Jaeager and her exceptional skills on the battlefield put the Ackerman clan’s capabilities on full display. 

Her story intertwines with the series’ broader themes of freedom, sacrifice, and destiny.

Kenny Ackerman: A former antagonist, Kenny’s complex relationship with the royal family and his own desires for power provide a deeper understanding of the political dynamics within the Walls and the Ackerman clan’s place in it.

The Ackerman clan’s unique biological attributes, historical significance, and formidable representatives like Levi and Mikasa make them central to the series’ narrative and thematic explorations. 

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