All 17 S-Class heroes in One Punch Man and their powers explained

In the One Punch Man anime, the Hero Association classifies and ranks heroes based on their abilities, achievements, and potential.

This is done to structure the response to various threats and calamities that regularly befall the world. Out of these rankings, the S-Class stands at the pinnacle.

These heroes represent the mightiest warriors the Hero Association has to offer, tasked with handling only the most formidable and catastrophic challenges.

Each S-Class hero is unique, possessing extraordinary abilities or unparalleled skills in their chosen disciplines.

From master martial artists to genius inventors, the S-Class roster is diverse, but they all share one common trait: they are incredibly powerful.

While some of them are enigmatic and rarely seen, others are more active and have gained celebrity status within the cities they protect.

Despite their might, they are not without their quirks and personalities, which often leads to disagreements and clashes within the rank.

Yet, when the world faces existential threats, these heroes rise to the occasion, showcasing why they are considered the best of the best.

Below is a detailed list of these extraordinary individuals, the S-Class heroes, who are often humanity’s last line of defense against overwhelming odds.

Puri-Puri Prisoner – Rank 17

The flamboyant “Jailbreaking Hero,” Puri-Puri Prisoner, often ends up imprisoned due to his antics but breaks out whenever there’s a significant threat.

He’s a mountain of a man, with immense strength and a heart full of love for his fellow male heroes.

His fighting style evolves over the series, but his “Angel Style” is the most memorable, where he sheds his clothing and attacks with passionate vigor.

Metal Bat (Bad) – Rank 16

A fiercely loyal hero, Metal Bat uses a metal bat as his weapon. His real strength lies in his fighting spirit; the more damage he takes, the stronger and more determined he becomes.

He’s also very protective of his younger sister.

Tanktop Master – Rank 15

A muscled hero who believes in the power of the tank top, Tanktop Master possesses impressive physical strength. He leads the “Tanktop Army,” a group of heroes who all wear tank tops and believe in its symbolic power.

Genos – Rank 14

A young cyborg with a burning desire for justice, Genos seeks vengeance against the cyborg that ruined his life. He becomes Saitama’s disciple, aiming to grow stronger.

Constantly upgrading his body for improved combat efficiency, Genos is both a formidable fighter and a loyal friend.

Flashy Flash – Rank 13

A former ninja, Flashy Flash has blinding speed and agility. His movements are so rapid that they’re nearly invisible to the naked eye.

He wields a katana and combines his ninja techniques with his incredible speed for lethal results.

Watchdog Man – Rank 12

Resembling a man in a dog suit, Watchdog Man defends Q-City from monsters with a laid-back demeanor.

He uses a combat style mimicking that of a dog and is especially adept at dealing with multiple adversaries at once.

Superalloy Darkshine – Rank 11

With a glistening, muscular physique, Superalloy Darkshine is an embodiment of raw strength and endurance.

His skin reflects light due to its toughness, and he exudes confidence in his abilities, having undergone intense training to achieve his current form.

Pig God – Rank 10

A hero with an insatiable appetite, Pig God can consume monsters many times his size. He has an elastic body that can expand to fit his meals.

Despite his appearance, he’s genuinely dedicated to his hero duties.

Drive Knight – Rank 9

A strategic fighter, Drive Knight possesses the ability to transform, granting him multiple forms tailored for various combat situations.

Each transformation, named after chess pieces, has its unique set of powers and capabilities.

Zombieman – Rank 8

As his name suggests, Zombieman’s primary ability is his regenerative power. He can recover from almost any injury, making him virtually immortal in combat.

He often employs weapons like axes and guns and methodically wears down his opponents.

King – Rank 7

With a title like “The Strongest Man on Earth,” one would expect King to be an unbeatable warrior. However, the truth is the opposite.

King is an ordinary man without combat skills, but due to a series of misunderstandings and coincidences, he’s credited for many feats he didn’t accomplish. He’s a lover of video games and often hangs out with Saitama.

Metal Knight (Bofoi) – Rank 6

Bofoi remains unseen, but his technological might is visible through his robots. These machines, equipped with advanced weaponry and defenses, can tackle significant threats.

Often, Bofoi’s intentions seem to lean more towards data collection and technological advancement than outright heroism.

Child Emperor – Rank 5

Beyond his youthful appearance, Child Emperor is a brilliant strategist and inventor. He relies on advanced technology, tools, and gadgets, some of which he’s designed himself.

His backpack, for instance, is filled with numerous devices that can be used for various applications in battles.

Atomic Samurai – Rank 4

A traditional samurai in appearance and demeanor, Atomic Samurai has a strong sense of honor. His swordsmanship skills are unparalleled, capable of delivering swift and precise strikes that can dissect foes at a molecular level.

He has a group of dedicated disciples and often emphasizes the importance of the sword.

Silver Fang (Bang) – Rank 3

An elderly martial arts master, Bang has silver hair, sharp eyes, and an impressive physique that belies his age.

Founder of the Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist martial art, he mentors aspiring martial artists in his dojo.

He has a deep sense of responsibility and often takes action when significant threats emerge, with a particular soft spot for his wayward former disciple, Garou.

Tornado of Terror (Tatsumaki) – Rank 2

Tornado of Terror (Tatsumaki) One Punch Man

Standing at a diminutive stature with green hair, Tatsumaki possesses formidable psychic powers. She can manipulate vast objects, create barriers, and even alter weather patterns.

Despite her might, she has a quick temper and can often be abrasive, especially towards those she views as weaker. Her relationship with her sister Fubuki, the B-Class hero, is complex, filled with both rivalry and concern.

Blast – Rank 1

Image from Manga

Blast remains an enigmatic figure within the Hero Association. Despite being the top-ranked S-Class hero, little is known about his abilities or his appearance in the anime, and he rarely shows himself.

What remains certain is his immense strength and importance, as his name alone carries weight within the association. He’s surrounded by a lot of theories and speculations due to his mysterious nature.

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