The Beast Titan in Attack on Titan explained

The Beast Titan, from the manga and anime series Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) by Hajime Isayama, is one of the Nine Titans — a group of unique Titans with distinct abilities. 

Here’s an in-depth look at Beast Titan’s powers and its significance in the story. 

Appearance and Combat

The primary holder of this Titan in the show is Zeke Jaeger. Its appearance is distinctive due to its large, hairy body, which resembles that of a Sasquatch or Bigfoot. 

Standing at 17 meters tall, it’s slightly larger than most regular Titans. Zeke’s Titan possesses exceptional throwing accuracy, strength, and coordination. 

This makes it capable of launching projectiles, like boulders or even horses, with deadly precision over great distances. This attribute is notably different from other Titans, making the Beast Titan a formidable long-range attacker.

Titan Control

One of the most important abilities of Zeke’s Titan is its power to control other Titans. 

By screaming, Zeke can turn Eldians who have consumed his spinal fluid into mindless Titans. He can also command these Titans to move or attack specific targets. 

This ability to transform and control Titans is reminiscent of the Coordinate, a power held by the Founding Titan. Zeke can use it in such a way due to him having Royal Blood from his mother.  

However, unlike the Founding Titan, which has broader control, the Beast Titan’s control is more limited in scope.


Like other Titan shifters, the inheritor of the Beast Titan gains access to the memories of the previous shifters. This can be both a blessing and a curse, as these memories can guide the current shifter but can also bring emotional baggage and internal conflicts.


Although not its primary skill, there are moments in the series where it’s hinted or shown that the Beast Titan can also use the hardening ability to some extent, creating protective layers or weapons.

Beast Titan AOT
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Limitations and Weaknesses

Despite its tremendous powers, the Beast Titan has its limitations. Like other Titan shifters, the user can remain in the Titan form for a limited time and needs recovery after emerging. 

Also, it isn’t very good in close combat, and the Titan’s nape remains its Achilles heel. If it’s slashed, the human inside can be killed, rendering the Beast Titan defeated.

Narrative Importance

Throughout Attack on Titan, the Beast Titan serves as both an ally and an antagonist, depending on the storyline’s arc. Zeke being one of its primary users, plays a pivotal role in the series, and the Beast Titan becomes integral to the narrative’s major events.

It is at the epicenter of the conflict during the Scout Regiment’s battle to recapture Shiganshina. Furthermore, Zeke’s Beast Titan plays a pivotal role during the Battle of Paradis in the final arc.

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