Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead ending explained: Does Akira defeat Higurashi?

In Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, when a zombie outbreak wreaks havoc on the world, Tendo Akira creates a bucket list of things he plans to do before becoming a zombie.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

For three long years, Tendo Akira has been working in the production department of a toxic company, where there is no such thing as work-life balance.

Akira joined the company with dreams and ambitions. However, those dreams are crushed by long working hours, with Akira not returning home for days.

Not taking a vacation is the norm here. Akira and his colleagues also get humiliated by their boss, Kosugi, from time to time.

Only Ms. Ohtori at this company is someone who brings a smile to Akira’s face. Akira had plans to work hard and leave an impression on her, but it turns out that she is having an affair with their CEO.

Though Akira often doesn’t feel like going to work, he puts on a straight face, decides to quit whining, and navigates through this toxic life.

Akira’s world becomes black and white until he sees a zombie in his building manager’s apartment. He realizes that a zombie outbreak has wreaked havoc on the world as he runs away.

In a world where people are now living in fear and uncertainty, Akira finds solace as he no longer has to go to work. Akira’s world becomes colorful again.

With a break after such a long time, there are so many things that he wants to do. One of the first things he does is visit Ms. Ohtori to see if she is alright. He ends up finding out that their CEO, as well as Ms. Ohtori, have become zombies.

After confessing his love to Ms. Ohtori, Akira comes to the realization that even he can become a zombie at any time.

Hence, he plans to make sure that he lives his life to the fullest before becoming a zombie. He starts creating a bucket list of 100 things he wants to do before becoming a zombie.

The list contains activities such as staying at home, traveling in an RV, and going back home to spend time with his family.

While finishing this list, he rescues his best friend, Kencho. The two apologize to each other for a fight they had the last time they met.

In this world where they are free to do whatever they want, Akira encourages Kencho to join him and become what he has always dreamed of becoming.

Akira and Kencho navigate through the post-apocalyptic world together. Another survivor, Shizuka, often crosses paths with Akira.

Akira likes to call Shizuka the risk analyst because she considers a number of things before deciding whether to team up with anyone. 

Shizuka is trying to avoid becoming a zombie, whereas Akira and Kencho are making sure they enjoy their time before becoming a zombie. She thinks they are incompatible as a team.

Fate still brings them together, and she eventually joins the two of them on their journey to Akira’s hometown.

On their way, Kosugi, Akira’s former boss, traps them by blasting their tires and injuring Kencho. Kosugi has created a safe haven for people.

However, people who want to stay here have to work relentlessly to protect this place, while Kosugi will do the job of throwing orders.

For Kencho’s well-being, Akira decides to join Kosugi for two days. Unfortunately, Kosugi manipulates Akira into staying for longer, and Akira once again gets trapped in his old toxic cycle.

That is until Shizuka reminds him that his free will is his alone. In this world of uncertainty, he doesn’t have to rely on Kosugi to survive.

Akira not only quits, but he also shows Kosugi’s people what a good leader he is when zombies attack their safe haven. Following that, everyone leaves Kosugi.

Akira, Shizuka, and Kencho get back on the road to Akira’s hometown. On the way, they make a new friend in the form of Beatrix Amerhauser, also known as Bea, a foreigner who moved to Japan out of her pure love for the country’s culture.

Bea is a skilled fighter. While fighting zombies, she wears samurai armor that protects her from zombie bites and uses a number of weapons to fight zombies.

Together, all four reach Akira’s hometown, where Akira reunites with his parents. However, Akira’s father is hiding a secret, while there is another group from the city that has a list of their own.

Unlike Akira and his friends, this group of four has grown to hate society, and their goals are to wreak havoc everywhere they can before becoming zombies.

Ending explained:

Higurashi’s goals

The person leading the group of these four looking to cause trouble is Higurashi. Kencho reminds Akira that Higurashi was in their general education classes at K University.

At night, Higurashi’s group opens the way for zombies to enter the town. They also increase the voltage of the fence that protects the village, trapping everyone inside.

Higurashi’s group comes face-to-face with Akira’s group. Higurashi’s group consists of people who have felt hated and rejected by society.

Somewhere, they are at fault too, but they don’t want to admit it. They just want to spend the rest of their lives causing trouble and harassing others before becoming zombies.

At the moment, Higurashi personally wants to see Akira turn into a zombie because he has hated him since the day he met him in college. Unlike Higurashi, Akira always had friends, and Higurashi despised that.

Akira respects what Higurashi wants to do before becoming a zombie, but he can’t do all of that at the cost of other’s freedom. Akira plans to give back to his parents, and he won’t be backing down.

Higurashi’s defeat

Akira and his group split to save the people of the village. Each one of them is also forced to handle a member of Higurashi’s group.

Eventually, Higurashi finds a way to blackmail Akira into becoming a zombie by getting his hands on Akira’s father.

Higurashi uses Akira’s father as bait. At a time like this, Akira also learns that his father is suffering from a life-threatening disease.

Akira’s father assures him that he doesn’t have to worry about not giving him back. He can give back to them by helping humanity.

Akira doesn’t give up on his father. With the help of the city folk who have taken shelter in the town, Akira comes out in zombie makeup and fools Higurashi to save his father.

Akira succeeds, while Higurashi gets bitten by a zombie. Akira makes a frustrated Higurashi understand that he never wanted all of this; all he wanted was friends, but he never made an effort.

Akira assures him that he will join him once he becomes a zombie too, and he hugs Higurashi. Higurashi pushes Akira away. He runs and jumps into the waters, just like he used to jump in a pool when he had friends.

The survival of the village

Akira’s group and the villagers come together after taking care of their problems and opponents.

Bea breaks the fence using a waterwheel. When the villagers find the suspension bridge, their only escape route, missing, Mr. Kumano, a friend Akira had made earlier near the village, comes to their aid.

Everyone is rescued. Mr. Kumano helps the townspeople rebuild their village. Akira tends to his ailing father, only to learn that he has hemorrhoids. He is just adamant about not going to hospitals.

Akira feels relieved to learn that it’s just hemorrhoids. Hence, now he can focus on fulfilling his father’s wishes.

Akira’s father wants his son to help humanity. Hence, Akira plans to travel the country and find a cure for the zombie infection.

If that’s not enough, Akira also allows his friends to write their wishes on his bucket list. Together, they will fulfill the dreams they weren’t able to before.

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