Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead: Anime vs. movie

The movie adaptation and the anime adaptation of Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead share a few significant differences.

The story follows Tendo Akira, an optimistic employee who gets a break from his toxic company when a zombie outbreak dawns upon the world.

Living in a world where he is in danger of becoming a zombie at any time encourages Akira to do everything he wasn’t able to do while working in the unhealthy environment of his company.

Akira comes up with a bucket list of things he plans to do and sets off on an adventure to achieve each one of those goals.

While both the anime and the film adhere to the core storyline, notable divergences exist between the two mediums. Following are some of these significant deviations.

The opening shot

The film opens with Akira running away from the zombies, still worrying about the fact that he is going to be late for work. The scene doesn’t hint at the harrowing experience that Akira has had working at Master Shot.

Akira calls a world full of zombies better than his toxic workplace

In contrast, the anime commences with Akira immersed in a zombie movie, boldly asserting that a world teeming with the undead is preferable to his workplace.

By starting with this scene, the anime immediately suggests the traumatic nature of Akira’s work environment.

Kencho’s introduction

In the anime, Kencho doesn’t appear until the third episode. The film, on the other hand, introduces Kencho before the outbreak.

While the Kencho in the anime and the film are quite alike, unlike the anime version of the character, Kencho in the film is not into stripping naked to fight zombies while assisting Akira.

Ohtori and Akira’s final encounter

In the film, when Akira goes looking for Ohtori, he finds her alive, whereas in the anime, she is in the process of becoming a zombie when Akira sees her at the apartment.

Unfortunately, in both adaptations, Akira confesses his love to Ohtori when she has already turned into a zombie.

Allying with Shizuka

In the anime, Akira crosses paths with Shizuka three times before they decide to team up, whereas in the film, they team up right after their second meeting.

The locations are also switched. In the anime, Shizuka shows some trust in Akira and Kencho by sharing her contact information after they fight the zombies together at an aquarium.

In the film, Shizuka is on her way to the aquarium when she is saved by Akira and Kencho. Since Akira and Kencho are going to the aquarium too, Shizuka joins them.

Shizuka’s backstory

In the anime, Shizuka is reminded of her past with her father when she watches Akira follow Kosugi’s orders relentlessly.

Shizuka was also persuaded to follow her father’s orders and put what she wanted aside. To save Akira, she adds another activity to Akira’s bucket list: tell Kosugi off.

Akira’s condition reminds Shizuka of her past

After being reminded of his free will and his bucket list, Akira decides to stop working for Kosugi and go off on his own.

In the film, the backstory of Shizuka is not explored, and she doesn’t meddle with Akira’s list to bring him back to reality.

Akira’s dream and Yukari’s absence

In the anime, Akira is inspired to follow his childhood dream of becoming a superhero after meeting a flight attendant named Yukari.

In the film, however, the character of Yukari is missing. Unlike the anime, the film only introduces two flight attendants whom Akira and Kencho meet.

Furthermore, Akira realizes his dream of becoming a superhero long before meeting the flight attendants.

Two different arcs

In the anime, Akira, Kencho, and Shizuka cross paths with Kosugi and stay at his haven after working together at the aquarium, where Akira also picks up his shark suit.

The film, however, combines the aquarium arc and Kosugi’s arc. Kosugi has created his safe haven at the aquarium itself in the film.

Hence, the action that takes place at the aquarium and Kosugi’s haven is brought together in one place in the film.

More for the future

The film ends with Kosugi’s arc. In the end, Akira lets Kencho and Shizuka write their wishes on the list, something that happens much later in the anime.

Characters such as Beatrix Amerhauser are also missing. A sequel to the live adaptation may introduce the characters and also explore the arc of Higurashi.

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