Yuno the Distant Talon: Ishura character explained

Yuno is a major supporting character in Ishura, an anime that follows a group of mighty warriors who once fought together and now fight each other to determine the strongest warrior. The character is voiced by Reina Ueda.

Yuno lived in Nagan Labyrinth City, a town of scholars and explorers that was built from the center of the Great Labyrinth of the self-proclaimed Demon King, Kiyazuna.

Even though the Demon King had died and it was presumed that the age of fear was over, doom and destruction loomed larger than ever for Yuno and her city.

The golems of doom

The Great Labyrinth at the center of the city turns out to be a colossal Golem, that wakes up one day and levels the city.

He releases numerous other, smaller but mighty golems that wreak havoc all over. One of these golems brutally kills Yuno’s dear friend Lucellus.

The trauma is seared into her brain and the guilt of not being able to help her, as she bolted for her own life.

She managed to run to the edge of the city and make it out alive. She even slashes away at multiple golems using her Force Arts.

The visitor

However, when an overwhelming amount of golems attack, she is saved by a visitor named Sojiro the Willow Sword, who eventually manages to take down the colossal golem.

She is surprised to see him fight the golems and mince meat of them with a chipped sword.

She thinks it’s hopeless but his incredible speed and immense strength just make this tragedy even more absurd.

Yuno the Distant Dalton Sojiro Ishura
Yuno and Sojiro

She believes the activation of the Great Labyrinth has something to do with Sojiro, whose presence it may have detected and come alive to fight it.

Another possibility she entertains is that Sojiro might have actively sought out the Great Labyrinth/golem.

The hate and objective

Looking at his abject apathy for all the carnage and the people who perished in this carnage, including her loved ones, Yuno comes to hate him.

She hates strong people who made her life insignificant with all the tragedies and destruction.

To support herself with something, she decides to repress her true self and join Sojiro to Auretia, the western kingdom she tells him about.

He seeks strong people to battle with, and she takes him there to learn about him and the Distant World he comes from.

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