Yoo Jinho: Solo Leveling character explained

On his first C-Rank raid, Jinwoo meets a hunter named Yoo Jinho, voiced by Genta Nakamura and Justin Briner.

Sung Jinwoo gets the chance to join a group to raid a C-Rank dungeon. As Jinwoo is an E-Rank hunter, they do not expect him to do anything except carry their load.

Like Jinwoo, Jinho, a D-Rank hunter, joins the group to contribute to their numbers, as the team requires a minimum of eight hunters to enter the C-Rank dungeon.

Jinho is 21 years old, and this is his first mission, yet he arrives equipped with expensive gear, leading Jinwoo to the conclusion that Jinho comes from a wealthy family.

Jinho’s father bought him high-quality weapons for his first mission. While Jinho is nowhere as strong as the other hunters in the group, his gear makes up for his lack of strength.

A boy with a friendly demeanor 

As both Jinho and Jinwoo are new and temporary additions to the group, they hit it off immediately, or rather, Jinho sticks to Jinwoo’s side.

Jinho is extremely friendly and talks a lot. He is a good-natured hunter who does not look down on Jinwoo.

Jinwoo has been a hunter for quite some time, so he knows much more than Jinho, who is still learning about dungeons and the stones found inside.

Jinwoo is the one who educates Jinho about all the aspects that he has yet to understand.

In return, Jinho, unaware that Jinwoo is much stronger than him due to the System, is determined to protect Jinwoo from harm.

Slaying the magic beasts for the first time fills Jinho with excitement about his achievements, and he eagerly discusses them with Jinwoo.

After killing the magic beasts, when the group comes across a large number of mana crystals, Jinho asks for Jinwoo’s contract.

According to Jinwoo’s contract, he is not entitled to a share of the spoils, given that he was not required to fight the beasts.

Solo Leveling Yoo Jinho
Jinho argues for Jinwoo’s share

However, Jinho believes that Jinwoo should get a share. He claims to know the law well and argues that the mana crystals are not classified as spoils, so Jinwoo should also get some.

Jinho stands up for Jinwoo, which he later regrets when both of them are betrayed by the group and left to face the dungeon boss alone. 

Despite that, Jinho attempts to shield Jinwoo from the boss, a C-Rank magic beast, which highlights his courage and willingness to put himself in harm’s way to protect his companion.

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