Ymir and Historia’s relationship in Attack on Titan explained

Hajime Isayama penned Attack on Titan dives deep into themes of freedom, identity, and sacrifice against the backdrop of a world threatened by giant humanoid creatures known as Titans. 

Among its vast cast of characters, Ymir and Historia’s story stands out as one of the most intricate and emotionally charged. It also forms a major chunk of the narrative. 

Let’s explore why their relationship is so important to the story. 

Shared Backgrounds

Both characters have lived parts of their lives under false identities. 

Historia was forced to adopt the name Chista Lenz to hide her royal lineage. Her father and the true king of the walls, Rod Reiss, refused to accept her as she was an illegitimate child.

Similarly, Ymir was a beggar who was adopted by an underground cult in Marley that worshipped the Eldian founder. 

After they were busted by the government, Ymir was sent to Paradis and turned into a Pure Titan. She regained her human form after eating Marcel and gaining the power of the Jaw Titan.


The two first become acquainted during their time in the 104th Training Corps. Their bond strengthens as they share personal moments, including discussions about their past and dreams of the future.

During a training mission, Ymir and Historia get caught in a winter storm. Historia almost succumbs to the cold, but Ymir saves her. This moment becomes a pivotal point in their relationship.

Connections and Confessions

During their time in the Corps, they made a promise to one another: to live their lives without regrets and reveal their true selves. For Historia, this meant accepting her royal heritage, and for Ymir, it involved confessing her past and her ability to transform into a Titan.

The latter’s revelation as a Titan shifter during the battle at Castle Utgard showcases her determination to protect Historia at all costs, even if it means revealing her closely guarded secret.

In one of the series’ most poignant moments, she admits her feelings for Historia, solidifying the depth of their bond. 

Ymir 2
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Tough Choices

As the series progresses, their paths diverge due to political and military intrigue. Ymir faces a conflict of interest between aiding Historia and her own personal reasons related to her Titan powers.

Ymir decides to side with the warriors Reiner and Bertholdt, believing it’s the best choice for Historia’s future safety, even if it means leaving her behind. 

Legacy and Impact

Ymir’s influence on Historia is profound. With Ymir’s encouragement, Historia rejects playing a passive role and decides to rise against her family’s machinations, eventually becoming the queen of the walls. 

Ymir’s mantra of living with pride and without regrets becomes a guiding force for Historia.

Her letter to Historia, delivered by Reiner, offers closure to their tumultuous relationship. 

Through her words, Ymir conveys her final feelings, wishes, and the truth of her circumstances, marking an emotional farewell. She is later eaten by Porco, who inherits the Jaw Titan in Marley. 

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