Wirbel: Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End character explained

Wirbel is a second-class mage whose plan is to steal another party’s stille, and they attack Fern’s party to do it.

Wirbel is a second-class mage and the captain of the Northern Magic Corps. He is in a party with Uhre and Scharf for the first test.

When they attack Fern’s party, he faces off against Übel and counters her attacks quite effortlessly.

Uhre states that Wirbel’s magic is devoid of any character and he will probably kill Übel.

An experienced warrior

Wirbel holds back during their initial exchange but decides that he’s had enough and uses a powerful binding spell on Übel.

He tells her to place the cage on the ground which raises some doubts in her. She throws the cage in the air and uses the distraction to close the distance between them.

She learns that Wirbel needs to see her entire being for the binding spell to work. He binds her once again and threatens to kill her, but she starts a conversation to bind time.

She asks him if he’s ever killed women and children before, to which he responds in the affirmative.

He says that the Northern Magic Corps are occasionally recruited to fight for armies during wars, and some Kingdoms send women and children to their frontline to deter opposing armies.

He decides not to kill Übel because he doesn’t deem it necessary after Fern convinces him that Uhre is dead.

After conceding to Fern and Übel, he returns to find Uhre still alive and agrees to carry her to Scharf’s location.

They find a defeated Scharf and Wirbel gives up any hopes of passing the first test with two of his party members out of commission.

Uhre comments on Wirbel’s compassion despite his spiky outer demeanor, and he talks about why he joined the Magic Corps.

He says that when he was a young boy, a girl that he liked left their village with her family because of the demons in the region.

Wirbel promised the girl that he would kill all of the demons so that she could return, but remarks that he can barely remember her face now.

He and Uhre agree that he was a child who made a stupid decision. As they’re walking along, Wirbel’s luck turns as they come across a stille minding its business.

Wirbel uses the binding spell and captures one just hours before the deadline.

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