Why were Usato, Suzune, and Kazuki summoned to the Llinger Kingdom?

Usato, Suzune, and Kazuki were three regular high school students who were magically summoned to a different world in The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic.

Usato was a run-of-the-mill high school student who went through life without anything truly spectacular happening to him, despite his best wishes.

Suzune and Kazuki were the president and the vice president of the student council respectively and the most popular children in the school.

One evening, the three of them find themselves walking home together in the rain after Usato’s umbrella is taken and Kazuki lends him a spare one.

Kazuki and Usato were classmates, although they never directly interacted with each other, and Suzune was their senior who was close to graduating.

Suzune asks Usato what his plans are for the future, while Usato talks about his impressions of Suzune and Kazuki, having never spoken to them before.

As they are walking, Suzune and Kazuki hear the sound of church bells and stop. Usato doesn’t hear anything and walks up to them when a magical symbol appears beneath them.

Heroes summoned

Usato, Suzune, and Kazuki are transported to a castle in a new world

When Usato wakes up, he is next to Suzune and Kazuki and in front of a king in a throne room.

The King introduces himself as Lloyd Vulgast Llinger, the ruler of the Llinger Kingdom. He claims that his land is constantly under threat from a demon army and their king.

He directed his headmage to use a spell that summons heroes from a different world, and they were selected.

He mentions that the heroes would have heard church bells beforehand, and Usato realizes that he was dragged along by coincidence since he didn’t hear the bells.

The king tells them that they will be tested to find out their magical affinity and then trained as heroes to aid in the upcoming battle.

While Kazuki is initially reluctant about staying, Suzune is very excited about this new life as she feels lost in her old one.

Usato just wants to be of use and help Suzune and Kazuki in any way possible because he too was craving for something special to happen to him.

The King says that they have no way of sending them back, but he will ensure that research is done to find a way.

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