Why is Ban immortal in The Seven Deadly Sins?

The world of The Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai), penned by Nakaba Suzuki, is rich with lore, magic, and legends.

One of the most intriguing characters within this universe is Ban, the Fox’s Sin of Greed. His incredible physical prowess, devil-may-care attitude, and, most notably, his immortality make him a standout.

This article delves deep into why Ban is immortal and what this attribute means for his character development and the storyline as a whole.

The Fountain of Youth

The Source of Immortality

The primary source of Ban’s immortality is the water from the Fountain of Youth, a sacred treasure protected by the Fairy King’s Forest.

According to the lore, anyone who drinks from this fountain will gain eternal life. Ban, in his pursuit of immortality, seeks out this fountain and its magical waters.

Encounter with Elaine

Upon reaching the Fairy King’s Forest, Ban encounters Elaine, the guardian of the fountain and the younger sister of King, another member of The Seven Deadly Sins.

Elaine initially resists Ban’s attempts to procure the water, but as they spend time together, they fall in love. Their budding relationship is a turning point for Ban’s character.

The Tragic Turn

When a demon attacks the forest intending to drink the water from the Fountain of Youth, Elaine, in a desperate move, gives the water to Ban to save him from impending death, sacrificing her life in the process.

By consuming the water, Ban gains immortality, but the forest is destroyed, and Elaine loses her life.

The Implications of Immortality

A Double-Edged Sword

While being immortal might seem like a blessing, for Ban it’s both a gift and a curse. He doesn’t age, can regenerate from any injury, and cannot be killed.

However, this also means he has to endure the pain of watching his loved ones age and die.

His immortality becomes a form of penance, where he grapples with the guilt of surviving the destruction of the Fairy King’s Forest and the death of Elaine.

In Search of Redemption

Ban’s journey is often about redemption and self-forgiveness. While he might have sought out immortality initially for selfish reasons, his love for Elaine and the subsequent events turn it into a search for purpose and a means to amend past mistakes.

Immortality in Combat

An Unbeatable Foe

In battle, Ban’s immortality gives him a distinct edge. He can take risks that others can’t and employ strategies that bank on his ability to regenerate.

Whether it’s removing his own heart to prevent mind control or allowing himself to be injured to gain an advantage, Ban’s immortality becomes a pivotal aspect of his combat prowess.

Physical Augmentation

Beyond just regeneration, Ban’s physical abilities are heightened. His strength, agility, and reflexes are all enhanced, making him one of the most formidable fighters in the series.

The Journey Beyond Immortality

The Purgatory Arc

Ban’s journey takes a significant turn when he enters Purgatory to retrieve Meliodas’s emotions.

Here, he endures relentless challenges, and despite being immortal, the harsh conditions of Purgatory push him to his limits. This experience not only tests his immortality but also his determination and will.

The Sacrifice of Immortality

Reviving Elaine

After spending a considerable amount of time in Purgatory, strengthening his body and soul, Ban returns to the mortal world with a newfound perspective. He becomes aware of a method to resurrect Elaine permanently.

To do this, he needs to give up his immortality. Without hesitation, driven by his deep love and longing for Elaine, Ban chooses to forfeit his eternal life to bring back the woman he loves.

The Meaning of Mortality

For Ban, giving up immortality was not just about reviving Elaine; it also symbolized his acceptance of mortality, humanity, and the natural cycle of life and death.

Having lived for so long without the fear of death, Ban finally embraces the idea of living a finite life, filled with genuine emotions, experiences, and ultimately, an end.

This decision showcases his tremendous growth as a character—from a man who once selfishly sought the Fountain of Youth to someone who willingly parts with it for love and a sense of purpose.

Impacts on The Seven Deadly Sins

Ban’s sacrifice also has a profound effect on the other members of The Seven Deadly Sins. It stands as a testament to their bond and the lengths each member is willing to go for one another. His choice underscores the central theme of the series: the power of friendship, love, and sacrifice.

Ban’s immortality is more than just a fantastical element of “The Seven Deadly Sins”. It’s deeply woven into his character arc, serving as both his strength and his vulnerability.

Through the challenges he faces, the relationships he forms, and the choices he makes, Ban’s immortality becomes a powerful narrative tool that enriches the story and deepens our understanding of Fox’s Sin of Greed.

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