Attack on Titan: Why does Zeke Yeager have royal blood?

Zeke Yeager is a significant character in the popular anime and manga series Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) by Hajime Isayama.

His royal blood plays a vital role in the narrative, intertwining with the series’ complex political and social dynamics.

This article delves into the origins and implications of Zeke’s royal bloodline, shedding light on its impact on the storyline and the character’s motivations and actions.

Historical Background

Zeke Yeager’s royal lineage traces back to the Fritz family, the original royal family of Eldia. His mother, Dina Fritz, is a descendant of the royal family, which grants Zeke royal blood.

The Fritz family’s lineage is crucial as it’s intertwined with the power of the Titans, giant humanoid beings central to the series’ narrative.

Historically, the Fritz family, later known as the Reiss family inside the Walls, had the ability to control Titans using the Founding Titan’s power, making Zeke’s royal bloodline a significant plot point in the story.

Royal Blood and Titan Powers

The royal bloodline is inherently tied to the ability to harness and control the power of the Titans.

The Founding Titan, initially possessed by the Fritz family, has the ability to control other Titans and alter the memories of Eldians, the series’ fictional ethnic group. However, the true potential of this power can only be unlocked by individuals with royal blood, like Zeke.

This makes Zeke a key player in the battle between Marley and Eldia, as his royal blood grants him a unique position in utilizing Titan powers to their fullest extent.

Zeke’s Motivations and Ideology

Zeke’s royal blood and the legacy of the Fritz family significantly shape his character and motivations. Raised in a war-torn world where Eldians are oppressed by Marley, Zeke develops a radical ideology to end the cycle of hatred and violence.

His royal blood gives him the conviction and the means to execute a plan that he believes will bring peace, albeit through ruthless and controversial methods.

The Euthanasia Plan

One of the most polarizing aspects of Zeke’s character is his “Euthanasia Plan,” aimed at sterilizing all Eldians to prevent the birth of future Titans, thereby ending the cycle of violence.

His royal blood plays a crucial role in this plan as it enables him to potentially utilize the Founding Titan’s power to alter the biology of all Eldians.

This controversial plan reflects the burden and responsibility Zeke feels due to his royal lineage, as well as the desperate measures he’s willing to take to achieve what he sees as a greater good.

Zeke Yeager’s royal bloodline is more than just a familial legacy; it’s a critical element that drives the narrative of “Attack on Titan” forward.

It influences Zeke’s ideology, his relationships with other characters, and the unfolding political and social dynamics within the series’ grim world.

Through Zeke’s character, Attack on Titan explores the weight of heritage and the moral complexities of power in a world fraught with fear, hatred, and violence.

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