Why does Kisaki keep killing Hinata across timelines?

In Tokyo Revengers, Takemichi creates new timelines by altering past events, yet in each of these timelines, Kisaki kills Hinata. 

Takemichi repeatedly travels back in time to prevent the death of his former middle school girlfriend, Hinata, but he fails every single time.

In spite of Takemichi’s attempts to change the past, Hinata consistently dies in a fatal car crash planned by Kisaki.

In one of the timelines, Kisaki manipulates Takemichi into arranging Hinata’s death, concealing the fact that the woman he is killing is none other than Hinata.

In the third season of Tokyo Revengers, when Takemichi foils yet another of Kisaki’s plans, he discovers the reason behind Kisaki causing Hinata’s death in every timeline.

Kisaki’s first love

During their elementary school years, Kisaki and Hinata attended the same cram school. They lived close to each other, so they occasionally walked home together.

Kisaki was the smartest student and was considered a child prodigy. While his other classmates thought him strange, Hinata was always nice to him. 

Whenever Hinata approached him, Kisaki pretended to be disinterested. However, he was in love with Hinata and believed that Hinata loved him back.

One day, when Kisaki and Hinata were walking home, Hinata saved a kitten from a group of bullies who were older than her.

Kisaki knew that her intervention might lead to trouble, so he tried to stop her, but to no avail. 

When Hinata found herself in trouble with the bullies, Kisaki chose to hide instead of helping her.

It was Takemichi who came to Hinata’s rescue. Calling himself a hero, he stood up to the bullies and ended up getting thrashed.

The fact that Takemichi came to help, despite knowing that he was going to lose, made Hinata fall in love with Takemichi. 

Kisaki, who did nothing but watch them from his hiding place, then decided to be more like Takemichi to win Hinata’s heart.

Tokyo Revengers Kisaki and Hinata
Kisaki fell in love with Hinata in elementary school

Unrequited love 

When Kisaki heard Takemichi telling his friends about his wish to become the top delinquent in Japan, he adopted it as his life’s goal.

Kisaki then carried out an extensive plan over several years with the goal of becoming the top delinquent, convinced that Hinata would marry him then.

In the future, after achieving his goals, Kisaki proposes to Hinata, but she rejects his proposal, as she is still in love with Takemichi.

No matter what Kisaki does, Hinata does not notice him. Kisaki, who has come to believe that he has a claim over Hinata, cannot fathom why she does not reciprocate his feelings.

Additionally, Kisaki feels betrayed by Takemichi, whom he respected and considered his hero, for stealing Hinata from him.

Kisaki would rather kill Hinata than see her with Takemichi, so in every timeline, he kills her in the same place where she rejected him.

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