Why does Arajin join Siguma in Bucchigiri?!

Arajin is the protagonist of the fantasy action anime Bucchigiri?! and he’s driven by an unrelenting desire to lose his virginity, for which he would even join a gang of vicious delinquents in a heartbeat.

Arajin is the new guy in the school that’s rife with gang violence and hooliganism in general.

He has hopes of getting some action for the first time, but the opposite sex is a rare sight.

So when he spots Mahoro-chan, he gets the starry eyes of a romantic who’s lost all peripheral vision, because he fails to see that Mahoro’s life and family entail many perils.

Mahoro & Siguma

Arajin joins Siguma Squad only for Mahoro, the only girl in his class full of delinquent boys, and even in the whole school by the looks of it. He has his eyes set on her like a hawk.

He’s not just swayed by her charm but completely enamored by her, and his attraction is mostly fueled by his intense desire to lose his virginity.

However, Mahoro has a brother complex and has a bit of a tunnel when it comes to anyone else. She vies for her brother’s love and attention at all times, to a severe degree.

Jin Marito cares about his sister but he’s also busy being the delinquent supreme and the head of the Siguma gang. Mahoro needs him all for herself.

Mahoro’s aim

She sees in Arajin a way to get her brother to be closer to her and be there for her more.

Since Marito has developed a strong man crush on Arajin after his first exchange of punches with him, he needs him on his squad ASAP.

Arajin Mahoro Bucchigiri
Arajin completely taken by Mahoro’s charms

Mahoro figures that getting him into Siguma would, first of all, make her brother happy, and more importantly, lead to his retirement when Arajin eventually takes on as his successor.

She needs her hormone-addled, hopeless lover to defeat her brother and take over Siguma, so that Marito retires and can spend as much time with her as possible.

Arajin joins Siguma

Arajin seems to have only one objective in life currently, and it is to lose his virginity.

Even the most fleeting acknowledgment of his presence from Mahoro alters his brain chemistry.

Marito jumps through the window to pay his man-crush a visit to his classroom, asking him to join his gang.

The poor guy can’t say no under these circumstances as they are, so when Mahoro signs to him, asking to join her brother’s gang, Arajin shows no hesitation to say yes.

Later, when she uses another trick from her arsenal, which is just making a heart with her hands to motivate Arajin to defeat Marito, he gets frozen by the whiplash of it all.

He has set his eyes on doing just that, as he hopes to get some action from none other than the most perilous girl in all of school and also one who won’t bat an eye for a boy who’s not her brother.

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