Why did the exiled ninjas defect in Ninja Kamui?

In Ninja Kamui, radical changes within the ninja organization resulted in several ninjas defecting. 

The ninja organization, now led by Yamaji, hunts down and eliminates the exiled ninjas who were once part of the organization. 

Higan, Mari, and several other defectors are targeted because they are seen as enemies of the organization, and they pose a threat of exposing the secret techniques.

While Higan and Mari left because Mari was pregnant with Higan’s son, the other ninjas defected because of the changes that the organization was undergoing.

The change and its consequences

The ninja organization that Higan and Mari were a part of operated within Japan. Its members acquired secret arts passed down through generations. 

For centuries, the ninjas of the organization lived by its codes and dedicated their lives to maintaining peace in their country. 

The ninjas guarded their secret arts, which are not to be shared with anyone outside the organization. This changes after a terrorist attack shakes the country. 

With the organization’s chieftain dying, Yamaji takes command and unilaterally decides to leave the jurisdiction of Japan; the organization will now answer to a greater authority. 

This abrupt change in operations includes bringing foreigners to the organization, which leaves many ninjas discontented.

Ninja Kamui exiled ninjas
Yamaji welcomes foreigners into the organization

The foreigners do not share their values or understand what it means to be a ninja; they only seek weapons and power. 

The organization seems to be losing sight of its objectives under his leadership, and many within it begin questioning his decisions as their way of life comes under threat. 

It becomes evident that Yamaji has ulterior motives, and his greed seems to be driving his actions. Those who dare to challenge him are eliminated.

Believing himself to be the true embodiment of the ninja way, Yamaji makes it clear that anyone who disobeys him or defects will be labeled as an exile and dealt with accordingly. 

The faction opposed to Yamaji approaches a senior member of the organization with a plan to assassinate him.

The senior advises them against it, knowing that they will all lose their lives in taking down Yamaji, who has his fair share of loyal followers. 

If that happens, their centuries-old way of life will be lost forever. The senior advises the ninjas to defect in order to preserve their ninja way. 

Mari, who had been planning to defect with Higan, helps the fleeing ninjas by providing them with the technology that she has developed. 

The technology allows them to change their appearance, ensuring that they are not found by the organization. Meanwhile, the organization starts working with AUZA. 

Just as Yamaji has warned, the organization continues hunting down the exiled ninjas for years to come, and even Mari’s invention cannot save them.

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