Who tried to kill Jinshi in The Apothecary Diaries?

When Maomao is asked to look into suspicious circumstances, she uncovers a plot to kill Jinshi and saves him in the nick of time.

Lihaku shows up to Jinshi’s quarters to inform Lihaku that on the same day that there was an explosion in the warehouse, ceremonial tools were stolen from a different warehouse.

Maomao immediately begins to hypothesize whether there is a connection between the events after learning that the previous two warehouse managers were killed or left ill in cases that she looked into.

When she lets Jinshi know about this, he asks her to dig into the situation further and determine whether there is any connection.

A web of conspiracies

Lihaku told Maomao that the pipe found at the explosion was given to a soldier by a court lady who was sneaking around one night.

She also learns that an official who fell ill from food poisoning was part of the board of rites, which was connected to the theft of ceremonial tools.

While researching the ceremonial rites performed, she discovers that they were performed in a specific hall where a large ornament hung above.

One of the tools stolen held this ornament in place, and a new one was built by the late metalworker’s son using his special technique.

The court lady was tall and smelled like medicine, which Maomao figured was Suirei, someone she crossed paths with on a few occasions.

Returning to the living

Maomao is informed that Suirei died of poisoning soon after her plot was exposed, but she isn’t convinced.

They question the man who performed the examination on Suirei’s body and Maomao notices that it is the same official who was smitten by Suirei.

She figures that he would not have performed a thorough examination and suggests that the poison ingested contains thornapple which only mimics the characteristics of a death.

Her point is proved true as the coffin supposed to contain Suirei’s body has someone else in it.

Maomao isn’t interested in seeking out Suirei to find out why she tried to kill Jinshi, she’s more focused on the thornapple drug.

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