Who is expelled from Class C in Classroom of the Elite?

The special follow-up exam ensures that someone is getting expelled and Class C ultimately makes a logical decision.

When every class makes it through to the end of the school year without expulsions, the school decides to hold a follow-up special exam.

According to the board, weeding out the weakest of the bunch is necessary for their school, so they chose an unreasonable exam.

Each class would choose one student among them to be expelled by appointing negative votes.

They will also appoint 3 positive points, with one reserved for students from a different class.

Each class has its plans for whom to expel but no one in class C is ready to take on the responsibility.

They are told that it would take 20 million personal points to save a student, which would be a difficult amount to acquire.

Intricate plotting

Ayanokoji realizes that this is one exam where they cannot save everyone and someone will have to be sacrificed.

Sakayanagi tells him that her father was suspended as chairman and some outside influence is responsible for the exam, suggesting his father’s involvement.

Hirata doesn’t want to lose anyone, while Horikita cannot muster the courage to make the cold decision of sacrificing someone.

Ayanokoji finds out that the class has decided to vote him out, and he begins orchestrating a way to save himself.

He discovers that Kushida has been spreading the word, but she was first approached by Yamauchi.

He has been meeting with Sakayanagi and Ayanokoji believes he’s her pawn in this game. He asks Suzune’s brother to meet with her and share the information about Yamauchi.

Suzune also gets some advice on how to be courageous and make the tough decisions, while also being herself and enjoying her time in the school.

Suzune goes in front of the class and tells everyone that Yamauchi should be expelled because he’s one of the weakest performers and working with Class A.

Hirata hits back at her for singling out one of their own but still maintains everyone’s trust.

Everyone votes Yamauchi out, while Kushida, Hirata, and Ayanokoji are given the top three positive spots.

Doing some side quests

Ichinose wants to save everyone from Class B but she is 4 million points away from the required amount.

She goes to President Nagumo for help and he offers to give her the points if she agrees to date him.

Meanwhile, Ryuuen has accepted that he will be expelled but Ibuki and Ishizaki wish to save him somehow.

Ichinose mentions her situation to Ayanokoji, and Ibuki and Ishizaki go to him for help saving Ryuuen from expulsion.

He figures out a way to kill two birds with one stone. He tells Ibuki to get all of Ryuuen’s points, which totaled around 5 million.

They used those to give Ichinose the points she needed, and in return, her class would give Ryuuen their positive points.

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