Who are the Seven Colossi in Shangri-La Frontier?

The Seven Colossi are some of the most secretive and powerful monsters in the titular VR game in Shangri-La Frontier.

The Seven Colossi are the seven unique and most powerful monsters in all of Shangri-La Frontier. They are shrouded in mystery and surrounded by a lot of intrigue.


Formidable as they are, they are also designed to be almost unbeatable. This is made evident by the two Colossi that the story has shown engaging in battles — Wezaemon and Lycagon.

They are highly elusive and are very rarely spotted by players. They can spawn anywhere at any time. However, when they are killed, it’s a permanent event and they can’t respawn thereafter.

One has to unlock their unique quests to defeat them and once they’re defeated, the game unlocks new areas and the story also progresses.

All Colossi thus far

Five of The Seven Colossi are known in some capacity in the manga so far, and only two of them have appeared in the anime so far.

These five Colossi are Lycagon the Nightslayer, Ctarnidd of the Abyss, Siegwurm the Sky Ruler, The Orchestra of the Doom Echo, and Wezaemon the Tombguard.

Seven Colossi Wezaemon Shangri-La Frontier
Wezaemon the Tomb guard in Shangri-La Frontier

The rest two are yet to be mentioned. Lycagon the Nightslayer has made his anime appearance and Sunraku has already squared up with him.

The battle displayed the immense strength of a Colossi as it’s extremely difficult to even land damages upon Lycagon.

Wezaemon is another Colossi who has appeared in the story. He battles Sunraku, OiKatzo, and Pencilgon, who manage to emerge victorious and make Wezaemon the first Colossi to be defeated.

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