What happened in Arajin and Matakara’s past?

Bucchigiri?! follows old pals Arajin and Matakara’s reunion as teenagers and their brawls against a rich tapestry of the town’s worst punks, all while they contend with their genie friends.

Arajin and Matakara used to be real Honki fans in their childhood. They used to share in the spirit of the Honki people and wanted to become the legendary figures themselves. 

Childhood dreams

With starry eyes and optimism, they would train to become Hoki people. Meanwhile, their bond was really strong too. 

Arajin was bigger than Matakara at that point in time. 

Matakara used to look up to Arajin in many ways and thought that Arajin was the strongest person he knew who never backed from a fight and faced challenges head-on.

The incident

However, one day when bullies began attacking Matakara after ridiculing him and Arajin, he retaliated and got a serious thrashing from the older, stronger bullies. 

Arajin could do nothing but stand at a distance, frozen in fear, before bailing out of the situation, as Matakara passed out from the beating. 

Matakara childhood Bucchigiri
Matakara getting beaten by bullies

Ever since Arajin ditched the Honki business and hated himself for abandoning Matakara that day. He stopped training as well as believing in the stories that he once cherished alongside Matakara. 

Arajin’s confession

He has considered himself weak ever since and no matter how much Matakara likes to reminisce about the good old days and talk about how Arajin is such a brave person, he is just reminded of his failure that day. 

One day, after Matakara hears news of his brother getting stabbed in the juvie and being hospitalized as a result of it, he is told by Arajin that he’s nothing like he thinks of him.

Arajin tells him that he abandoned him that day in childhood and that he’s not the strong person he tries to make him out to be.

Before walking away, Arajin confirms the latest allegations that Matakara learned about, that he only got stronger recently because Senya possessed him.

The memories of that incident and the guilt of his inaction and cowardice haunt him to this day, and he hasn’t been able to reconcile with that yet. 

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