Usurpers in Metallic Rouge explained

In Metallic Rouge, Usurpers are the hostile aliens who fought against humans in the Great Space War.

After friendly aliens, who were termed as Visitors, made contact with humanity, another group of aliens arrived.

Unlike the Visitors, these aliens were hostile and waged war against humanity, leading to the Great Space War. Humans began calling these hostile Junoids Usurpers. 

It was the Visitors who assisted humans in creating Neans and shared their technology, enabling humans to defeat the Usurpers. 

However, the conflict with the Usurpers is far from over. They plan to start another war, but not before liberating Neans from human control by nullifying the Asimov Code.

Destroyers of civilizations

The Visitors and the Usurpers have the same origin, but the Usurpers have now evolved into evil beings that bring destruction to civilizations.

Since discovering the human galaxy, they have targeted its solar system, intent on destroying humanity and the Visitors alike. 

The Usurpers aim to take control of Venus, the planet promised to the Visitors by humans in exchange for their aid in the war. 

The Usurpers lost the war, but they refuse to give up. They have now allied with the Alter, which comprises some members of the Immortal Nine. 

Metallic Rouge Usurpers
The Usurpers launch an attack

Similar to the Usurpers, the Alter wish to establish Venus, the planet with the highest Nean population, as the foundation for a new world.

The Alter and the Usurpers share a common objective: the liberation of all Neans from the constraints of the Asimov Code. 

This code prevents Neans from rebelling against humans, allowing humans to oppress Neans and use them as weapons in war.

However, Code Eve, a program that can nullify Asimov Code, can free Neans, so both the Alter and the Usurpers want to get their hands on it.

Once Code Eve is activated, Neans will become uncontrollable, leading to chaos. The Usurpers plan to take advantage of this situation to initiate another war. 

Furthermore, once Neans achieve freedom, humans will lose the advantage they held over the Usurpers in the previous war. 

However, Rouge, who holds the key to deciphering Code Eve within her id, will not make this fight easy for the Usurpers.

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