Übel: Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End character explained

Übel is a chaotic mage taking on the First Class Mage Exam along with Frieren and the others. Ikumi Hasegawa and Morgan Berry voice the character.

Übel was headed to Äußerst when she came across some bandits and was saved by Kraft the monk.

However, he stepped in to drive them away because he noticed some bodies earlier and knew that Übel was the one who killed those people.

She is a third-class mage who took the exam once before but got disqualified when she killed the proctor who was taking the exam.

Übel is paired with Fern and Land for the first test and sticks around with Land beyond that.

Getting to know the enemy

When they are attacked by Wirbel’s party, she takes on Wirbel and is restrained by his binding spell.

However, she soon figures out that he has to see her entire body for the spell to work and she tries to close the distance.

Facing certain death, she asks him about his past and he is forthcoming. She tells Wirbel that he is very much like her, preparing himself for the killing blow.

She empathizes with him in that moment and learns how to use his binding spell. She shares this fact about her with Land after the first test.

She tries to get to know him better so that she can empathize with him and learn how to use his illusion magic but he is very closed off.

They enter the dungeon together and Land is attacked by Übel’s replica who also takes his golem.

She explores the dungeon with Land’s clone

Übel offers him her golem but he refuses so she takes on her replica to get his back. She is bound by the replica but the real Land reveals himself.

This gives Übel the chance she needs to destroy the replica. She tells Land that she figured she was with his clone when he refused to take her golem.

He didn’t want anyone dying because of him so she created a situation where he was forced to come out of hiding.

She says that she understands him a little better now and is closer to empathizing with him.

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