Towa Amane: Shangri-La Frontier character explained

Towa Amane is a major supporting character in Shangri-La Frontier. The character is voiced by Yoko Hikasa.

Towa Amane sports a similar silhouette in real life and the video game Shangri-La Frontier, as her avatar Arthur Pencilgon.

A cruel and competent gamer like a rare few, she likes to demolish gamers and relish in it, which has earned him reputation, monikers, and infamy aplenty.

The Pencil Knight

Towa Amane has a long history with Rakuro as her avatar Pencil Knight is his long-standing rival in other VR games.

In the game Unite Rounds — a post-apocalyptic looting simulator, as players called it — she had risen to become the ruler of Pencil Kingdom through violence and cunning.

She would intentionally abuse players whom she didn’t allow into her ranks and then use her agents to create organized resistance to oppose her.

Pencil Knight Shangri-La Frontier
Towa as the Dystopian Empress in Unite Rounds

In doing so, she prevented them from simply giving up on the game and instead getting motivated to take her down.

She had essentially become the final boss of the game and had picked up the name of Dystopian Empress.

When Sunraku and Katzo went to take her down, the big play entailed a draw between them and both ended up dying.

Arthur Pencilgon

Towa Amane is known as Pencil Knight, but in SLF, she goes by the name of Arthur Pencilgon.

She is a level 99 player killer who is working with Ashura Kai — a PK guild that relishes assassinating players.

She is the #2 member of the fanatical PK guild who detests the leader of the guild and most others as well. In the game, she is on the hunt for a unique monster.

Usually out for their throats, Towa Amane as Pencilgon in SLF is a different creature, who has more shades to her character and motivations, even one that involves her being sympathetic towards an NPC.

In Unite Rounds, she dragged an NPC king along behind her carriage to try to lure in enemies.

She is also the Pencil Knight who tied an NPC princess to the chandelier to bait players into trying to rescue her.

This is why when she shows empathy towards the NPC from Shangri-La Frontier called Setsuna, Sunraku, and Oikatzo are taken aback at the sight of it.

The IRL sensation

In real life, Towa Amane is a megastar model from Japan with the nickname “Towa-sama.” As a celebrity of such stature, her life is the stuff of dreams.

She is a fashion icon as well and according to Rakuro’s younger sister Rumi, one can fill an entire fashion magazine with only one day from her life.

She has a crazy fan following and a huge social media presence.

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