Toshi Toshi no Mi: Bonney’s Devil Fruit explained

The world of One Piece is renowned for its diverse and unique Devil Fruits, each granting its consumer a specific set of powers.

Among these is the Toshi Toshi no Mi, a fruit that has sparked interest and curiosity among fans.

In this comprehensive article, we delve into the intricacies of Toshi Toshi no Mi, famously consumed by the character Bonney, or was it?

Understanding Devil Fruits

In One Piece, Devil Fruits are mystical fruits that, when consumed, grant the eater a variety of abilities, ranging from elemental manipulation to body modification.

However, consuming a Devil Fruit comes at a cost – the loss of the ability to swim.

Toshi Toshi no Mi: An Overview

The Toshi Toshi no Mi is a unique Devil Fruit that stands out in the One Piece universe.

Consumed by the character Bonney, this fruit’s powers revolve around manipulating the age of both the user and others.

This ability to alter age at will makes it both a powerful and enigmatic fruit within the series.

Bonney’s Use of Toshi Toshi no Mi

Bonney, a member of the Worst Generation, exhibits a masterful control of the Toshi Toshi no Mi

In reality, she is just 10 years old, but manages to make everyone believe she is older.

Her ability to manipulate age has also been demonstrated in various scenarios, showcasing both offensive and defensive strategies.

She can age her opponents, rendering them weaker or even harmless, or rejuvenate herself and allies for tactical advantages.

Distorted Future

The Toshi Toshi No grants Bonney a unique ability. She can transform herself by imagining a future different from the real one.

For example, she can imagine herself to have Buccaneer blood like her father, Bartholomew Kuma, and transform into a different version.

Similarly, she used this to grant herself the powers of Sun God Nika in the past as her father had told her stories about the figure, including their rubber powers.

The Truth Behind the Toshi Toshi no Mi

In truth, Bonney never consumed the Devil Fruit and her powers were the result of experimentation by the Gorosei Saint Saturn.

He was using extracts to artificially provide devil fruit powers to subjects. Where Bonney’s mother, Ginny, was forcefully captured in Mary Geoise.

This led to her contracting the Sapphire Scale disease, which Bonney inherited as well. Although Ginny did not survive the disease, Bonney was able to, as she was cured by Vegapunk.

She eventually developed the devil fruit powers, which was a surprise to even Saint Saturn himself.

Limitations and Weaknesses

Despite its remarkable abilities, the Toshi Toshi no Mi, like all Devil Fruits, has its limitations.

According to Saint Saturn, if the future imagined by the user differentiates greatly from reality, its power will weaken.

If Bonney doesn’t believe in the future, she will not be able to use the fruit to its maximum potential.


The Toshi Toshi no Mi’s unique age-manipulation ability, wielded by the intriguing character of Bonney, adds depth and intrigue to the series.

While powerful, the fruit’s limitations and the strategic mind required to use it effectively make it a compelling addition to the diverse range of Devil Fruits in the series.

One Piece continues to captivate audiences with its imaginative world-building and the creative use of Devil Fruits like the Toshi Toshi no Mi.

As the series progresses, the full potential and implications of this unique power will undoubtedly unfold.

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