The ‘Will of D.’ in One Piece explained

In the sprawling narrative of One Piece, the “Will of D.” is a mysterious and foreboding concept that has intrigued fans since its inception. This element is tied to a select group of characters who bear the initial “D” in their names.

The mystery surrounding this concept has spurred many theories, and while the full essence of the “Will of D.” is yet to be completely revealed, certain aspects have been hinted at throughout the series.

Historical Backdrop

The “Will of D.” is deeply rooted in the history of the One Piece world, particularly relating to the Void Century, a period erased from public knowledge.

It’s believed that during this time, a significant event transpired that holds the key to understanding the “Will of D.”.

The ancient civilization and the Celestial Dragons play crucial roles in this historical backdrop, with the former believed to be associated with the carriers of the “Will of D.”.

Carriers of the Will

Characters with the initial “D” in their names are said to be the carriers of the “Will of D.”.

This includes the main protagonist Monkey D. Luffy, Trafalgar D. Water Law, and Portgas D. Ace, among others.

These characters often find themselves at odds with the oppressive forces in the world, and they embody a sense of freedom and resistance against tyranny.

There’s a prophecy suggesting that one of these “D” bearers will eventually challenge the world’s ruling structure and bring forth a new era.

The Inherited Will

It’s a recurring theme in “One Piece” that the “Will of D.“ is an inherited will, passed down through generations.

This suggests a destiny or a mission that the bearers of the “Will of D.” are meant to fulfill.

The concept of inherited will is seen through the narratives of various characters, showcasing a deeper connection between the past, present, and the potential future of the One Piece world.

Laughter and smile at the deathbed

Those with the “Will of D.” often exhibit an acceptance or embrace of their fate, particularly at the moment of death. This acceptance is often illustrated by a smile or laughter, showcasing a level of peace or fulfillment in their journey, despite its end.

Characters with the “Will of D.” are often portrayed as fearless or unyielding in the face of adversity. Their laughter in the face of death could be a manifestation of this fearlessness, showing a defiance to the end.

The idea of an inherited will is a crucial part of the “Will of D.” narrative. Those who carry this will seem to be part of a larger narrative that transcends their individual lives.

Their smiles may reflect a confidence that their will or mission will be carried forward by others.

The act of smiling or laughing at death could also be symbolic, representing the indomitable spirit of the “Will of D.” bearers. It’s a powerful imagery that contrasts the often grim circumstances surrounding their deaths.

The exact reason behind the smiles of “Will of D.” bearers during their final moments is part of the larger mystery surrounding the “Will of D.”.

It may be tied to their unique understanding or perspective on the world’s true history and the larger cosmic narrative within which they find themselves.

From a storytelling perspective, this motif serves to underscore the unique and enigmatic nature of the “Will of D” and its bearers.

It’s a narrative device employed by the author, Eiichiro Oda, to deepen the intrigue and inspire discussions among the fandom.

Pirate King Gol D. Roger gives a smile before his imminent execution by the Marines

Significance and Theories

The “Will of D” is a cornerstone of many fan theories and discussions. Some theories propose that the “D” represents a title or a symbolic term from the ancient civilization.

Others suggest a familial lineage or a particular bloodline destined to challenge the status quo.

The significance of the “Will of D.” extends beyond mere coincidence, pointing to a larger narrative at play, possibly linked to the ultimate treasure, the One Piece.

The enigmatic “Will of D.” continues to be a captivating element within the One Piece narrative. As the story unfolds, the layers surrounding this concept are gradually peeled back, offering glimpses into the deeper lore of the One Piece world.

The carriers of the “Will of D.”, their historical links, and the unfolding prophecies create a complex tapestry awaiting full revelation as the adventure on the Grand Line continues.

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