The White Room in Classroom of the Elite explained

The White Room is a facility where Ayanokoji was raised and only a few people know about its existence.

The White Room is mentioned when Kiyotaka’s father shows up to tell him that he cannot remain in the school anymore.

Chairman Sakayanagi helps Kiyotaka by momentarily sending Professor Ayanokoji away disappointed. He then tells Kiyotaka that he is aware of the White Room.

There are occasional flashbacks to the room but they are very brief. Arisu tells Kiyotaka that she is also aware of the room, and it partly drives their rivalry.

A meaningless facility

Professor Ayanokoji set up the White Room to engineer the most superior individuals through constant testing and pressure, and Kiyotaka was one of its stars.

Chairman Sakayanagi took Arisu to observe the room and Kiyotaka when she was young, and she was fascinated by it.

He tells her that he is afraid this facility will become commonplace one day and that would not be good for humankind.

Arisu takes it upon herself to ensure that the room is ineffective, so she aims to beat Kiyotaka.

Despite her loss, she approaches Kiyotaka with warmth because that is a key aspect lacking when raising the subjects of the room.

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