Visitors in Metallic Rouge explained

In Metallic Rouge, the aliens who are friendly to humans are called Visitors. 

The X Noah are aliens who lost their home planet and wandered around in search of a new home, eventually arriving in the galaxy occupied by humans. 

X Noah were friendly to humans and had no intention of stealing their planet from them, which led humans to name them the Visitors.

A deal with humans

Although the Visitors came from far beyond the human galaxy, they used to have similar forms as humans. However, with time, they evolved.

To achieve optimal interstellar travel, their bodies underwent changes over generations, and they now resemble merpeople. 

Sometime after their arrival, another group of aliens, called the Usurpers, discovered the human galaxy. 

These aliens shared the same origins as the Visitors. However, unlike the Visitors, the Usurpers were dangerous and hostile. They ended up waging war on humans.

It was the Visitors who came to the rescue of humans. They made a deal with humans: they would help them win the war in exchange for a habitable planet. 

The Visitors shared their advanced technology with humans and taught them how to create Neans, who ultimately won the war for humans. 

Neans were then employed by humans to work on Project Venus, which aims to terraform Venus for the Visitors.

Metallic Rouge Visitors
Venus is to be the Visitors’ new home

A threat to their new home

Years after the war, the Visitors find their new home threatened by the Usurpers, who plan to annihilate both humans and the Visitors to take Venus, even before it is ready. 

The Usurpers aim to start another war, but not before freeing Neans with the help of Code Eve to deprive humans of the asset that helped them win the previous war. 

The Visitors intend to keep Rouge, whose ID contains the key to Code Eve, on their ship to prevent it from falling into the Usurpers’ hands. 

Naomi, who was the first Nean created by the Visitors to imitate humans and establish contact with them on their behalf, brings Rouge to meet with them.

The Visitors are primarily logical beings and refuse to take actions that seem illogical to them.

Naomi convinces the Visitors to allow Rouge to confront the Usurpers in order to prevent them from taking control of Venus, presenting it as a logical course of action.

The Visitors agree to let Rouge fight because they do not interfere with individual determination. However, they also intend to devise a backup plan in case Rouge and Naomi fail to stop the Usurpers.

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